Guess who is behind the wheel

2021.12.02 18:32 Majopajojo Guess who is behind the wheel

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2021.12.02 18:32 UltimateMuffinMan Galaxy drops are screwed up.

I'm not sure when this started happening (been playing on and off) but galaxy drops are not the way they used to be.
Previously, when people would exit your galaxy, they would consistently exit on the left side under the wing of the galaxy. This made dropping full squads onto a specific location (doorway entrance, roof, ect) possible and relatively consistent.
Now people exit at all different points around the galaxy. This is pretty dumb because it removes the ability for people to just drop right into a room breach. It guarantees your group to be spread out.
Please take a look at this.
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2021.12.02 18:32 D2R-4 Now that patching has started, here’s the Dream Content patch!

New character Mode option
-------------------------------------------------------------------To welcome those changes without imposing them on those who want to enjoy the remaster in its Pure form, a new game mode will be proposed on character creation alongside laddenon-ladder , classic/expansion, softcore/hardcore
This new option will make you choose between RemasteRebirth
Remaster character option allows them to play the game as it was released on launch, bugs aside Super Unique Unique models
The talented artists at blizzard have worked on super uniques to give them each their own Unique model.
Keep in mind that Diablo 2 was rushed and cut short to fit a certain release date constraint which forced the devs to use shortcuts like simply recolouring special monsters to make them different than the normal ones
Instead of being slightly different, super unique monsters now have their own models that reflect their name and story.
Ie: The Countess isn’t just a recoloured dark huntress, she’s now represented with her canon black dress soaked in blood
Ie: tree head wood fist is now a Brute with a Tree head and a trunk arm
=>The 9 Circles of Hell:Improving and widening endgame farming areas Note: could be less circles, 9 is thematic to Dante’s inferno. Could be lowered to 4 like Diablo 1 area 13-16 but it would create a steeper progression and i think we should avoid the D3 Inferno mistake which cranked difficulty too fast
How it works
Beat Nightmare and you appear in act 1 of the 9th circle of hell
Only this circle grants you skill/stats/resist rewards. But to compensate, it grants respec
Besting the 9th circle of hell you gain access to the 8th circle of hell which is harder, +2 to all Monsters and area levels
Follow this concept until you arrive at the final circle of hell where All areas are at least alvl85 allowing people to farm in new ways but beware, everything is harder…Diablo is now stronger than Uber diablo

You would see people doing full clear countess runs, hell tombruns, cow game would be back on the menu
This way the game doesn’t get new content, it just unlocks already existing content to new approaches
This is the minimum alteration of the game I think we can do to get something close to an endgame buff but it comes at a huge cost in difficulty… this isn’t powercreep, it’s risk vs reward
Note: people often talk about /players x command on bnet but this is different, /players x only affect “no drop”, it doesn’t change the a/mlvl which is important for drops limitations which is why people do Pitruns, it’s alvl85
=>Spawning Dclone through Unique item sink Note these values are examples, blizzard could tweak them to make them bigger or smaller
  • Each unique/set item are yielded a %chance to spawn Dclone based on rarity( ie:minimum soj to spawn Dclone is 75, so let’s say soj has 4% chance to spawn Dclone, mang song being 10x rarer would be 40%, the ward being 20x more common than soj would be 0.2%)
  • If you are the one that triggers the event, Dclone spawns in your game, X number of random game that have Baal quest completed see the event trigger as well
Voilà! Now you have a way so that everybody, rich and poor can participate in
Every unique/set item that drop now has a value/meaning and you got a sink/purpose for those items rather than leaving most of them on the ground. You bad luck streak finding only bad unique could be saved by those crappy unique spawn Dclone
This would give back the thrilling feeling of finding unique items to all of em, good and bad
That Eth Griffon you find isn’t completely useless anymore, it could exponentially increases your chances of spawning Dclone due to its rarity
Dclone spawning on soj is an incitement to dupe and a way to launder those duped items… that’s kinda dumb
Dclone SOJ counter was basically introduced to fight against duped soj, but nowadays there is no reason anymore to sink duped soj, if this stays based on soj, not only only rich people will be able to participate which would kill the community event aspect of it but it actually incite people to actually dupe soj to feed the mechanic lol Blizzard should learn from the Indian cobra bounty failure: wikipedia,org/wiki/Perverse_incentive)
Note: this doesn't make Dclone easier to spawn, there wouldn't be much more Anni's floating around, but it would make it a real Community event rather than hackers/cheater incited to dupe soj and sell them to launder them and make profit
It would turn the Dclone event from an Lottery with only golden tickets to a lottery where there are golden tickets as well as bronze, iron, copper, silver ones
=>Quality of item Base items can spawn Crude/Low quality/Cracked/Normal/Superior
This system is now expanded to magic/rare/unique/set items
Pristine rarity is added and has a 30% increased effect
A cube recipe is added to improve the quality of items up to a maximum of “normal”
=>Class specific unique/set items to spawn class skills Stuff like unique scepter is now able to spawn up to 3 random skills on it like white/rare/magic do
This would be a really fun chase to find good combo
Ie: mang song with +3 fireball implicit, making it a +10fireball staff
Ie2: aldur helm with +tornado
Ie3: astreon with +hammer
I think that adding this to the game could revalorize plenty of class oriented base unique and create a more healthy balance between unique and runewords
=>Synergy system 2.0 While the intent behind synergy system was noble, it ruined a lot of aspects of the game
  • it kills skills with bad synergies
  • it kills skills with too many synergies
  • it kills skills with too low synergies
  • it greatly weakened the concept of Hybrid build
  • it killed most of charges skills
  • it killed most of Oskill
  • it killed most of Trigger skills
  • it greatly weakened build diversity
The current synergy system is bad, By “bad” I mean the damage only aspect of synergy system. By being damage only it make it so skills that get low total %damage synergy or decent total damage synergy but with too many synergy are doomed, they can never be good or take too much investment to even be decent.
Also the way synergy system got implemented was bad because it mostly add synergies on the same branch of the tree, so if you make a fireball sorc, your synergies are also fire which sucks in terms of tactics against immunes. So if you want to be hybrid it will most likely suck/be impossible because you would need 2 skills with few synergies and high total damage% from sysnergies
The way they added synergy system also killed item granted skills… those skills were already balanced by being low level in a mindset of not requiring synergies, but since they added synergies they have been kept at the same low level and cannot benefit from synergies on other classes.
A better approach to Synergies would have been skill effects based on general skill type rather than Class and damage restricted
  • projectile
  • melee
  • cold
  • fire
  • magic
  • physical
  • lightning
  • poison
  • area
  • buff
  • summon
Here’s a quick display(fine tuning required) of what it would look like based on what i started to do for a Mod i wanted to make before Blizzard cut mod support,com/spreadsheets/d/1mRk7BNo9Mf5HciVSb0aFXuZcU1joQhPbSesyrHTmqJI/edit?usp=sharing
Then the synergy bonus from each skills is special perks proper those skills
Ie: magic arrow’s synergy bonus:
  • Gain 1 additional projectile per 10 projectile skill hard point
  • Gain 5%attack rating per attack skill hardpoint
  • gain 5% magic damage per Magic skill hard point
That way a sorc/pally/barb/necro/assassin using a bow could invest in their projectile/attack/magic skill to get that bonus on Witchwild String
Other example of what could be done with such system , take Vengeance
Ie: Vengeance’s synergy bonus
  • gain 5% fire damage & 1% chance to cast firestorm(same level as vengeance capped at 20) when striking per fire skill hard point
  • gain 5% cold damage & 1% chance to cast Glacial spike on striking per cold skill hard point
  • gain 5% lightning damage & 1% chance to cast shock web on striking per lightning skill hard point
  • gain 5% attack rating per Attack skill hard point
This system also makes it less reliant on “same type skills”. Ie: fireball being synergized by fire bolt which are both pretty much the same skill. But with this system you could buff your fireball through aoe,projectile and fire skill … allowing you to synergize fireball with a plethora of choices that aren’t just a projectile fire spell like it
TLDR: by changing specific synergy skills to more general type synergies you
  • revive ctc
  • give some love to cross class oskill
  • improve viability of builds that use more than 1 tree type
  • give a lot of flexibility in your choice of synergy
  • allows you to customize your skills
=>Enigma Enigma now has a new modline “Afflicted by Level 20 Blood mana curse when equipped” (Lvl20 blood mana: use life instead of mana with 100% increased cost)
=>Mouse confinement Added an toggle option that allows you to select if you want your cursor to be confined to you game or not when using the fullscreen game setting
=>Offline character profile You now have access to your character’s informations (character sheet+Gear+merc) while not connected in the game
Other players can also have access to this information via a link you can share
=>Merc upgrade Act 1 merc:
Now uses a rare quiver bound to the merc, this quiver has (*lvl) affixes, the mods of this quiver can be reroll via Ashera with gold cost
normal Merc now use strafe and exploding arrow
  • nm Merc now use immolation arrow and guided arrow
  • hell Merc now use freezing arrow and multi shot
Act 5 barb:
  • Norm Merc now use berserker and battle cry
  • Nm Merc now use throw and find potion
  • Hell Merc now use frenzy and howl
As for act 3 merc, they are iron wolf like was D1 sorcerer:
  • don’t try to melee anymore
  • norm Merc now use flame/shock/cold wave
  • nm Merc now use fire/cold/lightning elemental
  • hell Merc now use apocalypse fire/cold/lightning
=>Indestructible affix doesnt prevent the item from spawning ethereal anymore =>Socketing upgrade Unique/set/Rare Items that can spawn 5-6 socket now can roll 1-2 sockets at Larzuk/cube recipe Magic items that can spawn 5-6 sockets now can roll 3-4 sockets at Larzuk/cube recipe
=>Kicking players You can now kick players from your game
=>All skills can now be used on both mouse clicks Obviously restrict auras from character skills to 1 to avoid abuse
This would help so many builds, melees especially
It’s annoying to have a 3skill(wc,teleport,find item) rotation on right click for a singer but a Paladin only have 2( teleport conc) because somehow blessed hammer is allowed on left click but not war cry
It’s annoying that melee builds cannot benefit from the melee auto targeting mechanic on right click as soon as they have auras or other stuff that require right click
Note: for those who don’t know right click+melee skill has a special mechanic that makes you automatically attack monsters you encounter
You can make fun of console how much you want but damn the controls are superior just because of this
Changing this doesn’t changes the game, it makes it less clunky and more enjoyable
=>Immunity replacement Immunity are no longer a thing, they are now replaced with Super-resistant mechanic.
99% is now the maximum resistance a monster can have
Overcapped resistance still counts for resistance reduction and the overcapped resistance penalty (⅕) still exists
Overcapped resistance provides %life increased in exchange to the monsters. Meaning a monster with 125 fire resistance will have 99% effective fire resistance + 26% increased life bonus
=>Runeword over-restriction removal Runewords that require is specific item class to be created are no more, instead they now are all limited to Gearslot. So no more “can only be made in a sword”, its now “ Can only be made in a weapon” Runewords can now be created in Magic/rare/set/unique items but with a harsh effectiveness penalty of 25%/40%/50%/60% respectively and this on both the stats granted by the runeword and the base item
=>Shrine/Curse/Buff&debuff Shrine now protect you from curses, up to 10 times You can now have multiple shrines at once Shrine also apply to nearby party members when activated Curses do not share the same spot as battle cry anymore
=>Ingame lootfilter The game now has a loot filter that allows you to hide undesirable items but also personalize the appearance of items you may want to be more noticeable
=>Game creation/Join Game name now increments from you last game if that game name ended with “-#”
refresh game list should be player triggered only - like console and D3, being able to filtetag the activity of the game(not a replacement for current game system but rather as a filter) Baal run, chaos run,farming,trade,progression(updates in real time in which quest and act the game is),service,pvp
  • Game run timer
  • game you click on is copied to top box
  • players/description should be only one tab not 2
  • there should be a search box
  • you should be able to sort by new/fullness
  • there should be a game type like on console so people can choose act/quest/run/trade
  • kick player from game function(some restriction to avoid ruining hostility system)
  • typing the name of the game should show it’s information like when you click on it
  • you should be able to link items in your game name/description
  • longer game names
  • don’t need to leave the game to create a new one, you have access to it from ingame
=>Social The game now has a serverwide chat where people can chat together You get your friends activities notified to you like it was back in D2lod “ “xXreaperxX has joined a Hell game called Boobiesbaal-32” Text colours are brought back to D2lod colours. (Gold=Game System, people joining/leaving games, soj counter, white=ingame, people chatting ingame, green=Whispers, people and friends whispering to you, blue=Server system, servers are going down, etc
=>Anya quest reward upgrade [visual representation of the process: imgur,com/eziwaIc
Disclaimer: Have to mention beforehand
  • completing the quest grant you 1 for free, so 3 free shots like Akara's respec
  • This is only a visual transmutation, not stats is changed to the item in the process
  • Theres also a toggle created to switch Alt art on and Off for people who wants to know what other wear during Pvp (ideally inspect function)
  • there is also a warning message when trading a personalized item
  • The used item is gone... sacrificed in the process, cant get it back
  • this would have for effect to valourize items that look great/special but are bad, ie: Girswold edge or BoneSnap
why standard of heroes? First because it has no value and also Because Standard means "Banner, a visual representation of what you represent" and Heroes, therefor Standard of Heroes means " The visual representation of heores" and [Anya Kinda thinks you are a heroe: imgur,com/VW48DLW
The term Transmog doesn’t belong in Diablo franchise, even less in D2, by definition transmog is to change an appearance to look grotestque and funny, that’s not what we would aim in Diablo 2, we want to look good, heroic and intimidating. I’d called it personalized gear
=>We brought back organs
  • monsters now drop organs
  • Those organs have different ilvl and different effects
  • Those organs are used to craft White items into magic/rare items
  • ie: Heart= resistance, Brain=Skills, eye= damage. Fallen being fire oriented monsters, they heart would tend to give fire resistance to an armor, fire penetration to a weapon
  • Organs were originally meant to drop in D2 and be used to craft items
=>Diablo loot table Diablo and his lieutenants now have the right drop table according to the Level The game is named after him afterall
=>Crafting upgrade over 90% of crafting recipes are garbage, here is how to make crafting better and how to improve the appeal to those lacking recipes
1) Goodbye specific item restriction
No more “to make a caster helm it has to be a Mask!”, welcome “Helm craft requires… a helm”
If the person wants to make it in a barb helm… let him do it
If the player wants to make a blood craft Bow… let him do it
most crafts have bad fixed mods anyway, having restrictions is just detrimental to the game, which is why crafting has never been a thing in D2 beside a handful of craft like caster ring/amulet and blood gloves
2.1) Magic affix retention
Make it so that the sacrificed item has an impact on the craft by having a chance to retain the affixes
So if you have +3 jav magic gloves and blood craft them, you have a slight chance of keeping that +3jav on your crafted gloves
The chance to retain the mod isnt big, i think that 50/50 at max ilvl is a solid base but again it could be balanced differently
that 50% chance is split if there are 2 affixes on the magic item
This would greatly increase the interest over magic items, more interest over itemization = more interest to the game
2.2)Retention bonus
i think it would be cool to make the quality of the jewel help for the retention as well, ie: rare jewel gives+5% chance to retain, facet 10% and then ilvl of the jewel gives between 1-10%(ilvl1 to 99). so a rare ilvl 80 jewel would add 13% chance to retain on top of the
3) Improving lacking recipes
Considering the improvements brought by previous changes, some of them are now improved
but global improvements need to be done to clearly differenciate the recipes and give them personal perks
  • Weapon old: 5% chance of casting Slvl 4 Frost Nova when hit, Attacker Takes 3-7 Damage, +35-60% Enhanced Damage
-Weapon New:5% chance of casting slvl 5 corpse explosion on kill, +35-60% Enhanced Damage, 5-10% chance of deadly strike
  • Helmet old: 5% chance of casting Slvl 4 Frost Nova when hit, Attacker takes 3-7 damage, +25-50 Defense vs. Missiles
  • Helmet new: 5% chance of casting Slvl 4 Amplify damage when hit, adds 3-7 damage, +25-50 Defense vs. Missiles
  • Chest Old: 5% chance of casting Slvl 4 Frost Nova when hit, Attacker takes 3-10 damage, 10-20% Faster Hit Recovery
  • CHest New: +30-50% Enhanced damage, Attacker takes 3-10 damage, 10-20% Faster Hit Recovery
  • Gloves old: 5% chance of casting Slvl 4 Frost Nova when hit, +3-7 Damage to Attacker, Knockback
  • Gloves new: 5% deadly strike, Adds 3-7 Damage, Knockback
  • Belt old:5% chance of casting Slvl 4 Frost Nova when hit, Attacker takes 3-7 damage, 5-10% Damage to Mana
  • belt New: +10-20 strength, Adds 3-7 damage, 5-10% Damage to Mana
  • Boots Old: 5% chance of casting Slvl 4 Frost Nova when hit, Attacker takes 3-7 damage, +25-60 Defense vs. Melee
  • Boots New: ? , Adds 3-7 damage, +25-60 Defense vs. Melee
  • Shield old: 5% chance of casting Slvl 4 Frost Nova when hit, Attacker takes 30-100 damage, +5-10% Blocking
  • Shield New: 5% chance of casting Slvl 4 Enchant when hit, Attacker takes 30-100 damage, +5-10% Blocking
  • amulet old: 5% chance of casting Slvl 4 Frost Nova when hit, attacker takes 3-10 damage, 5-15% Chance of Monster Flee
  • Amulet new:5% chance of casting Slvl 4 Heart of the Wolverine when you Kill, Adds 3-10 damage, 5-15% Enhanced damage
  • Ring old: 5% chance of casting Slvl 4 Frost Nova when hit, Attacker takes 3-6 damage, +1-5 Dexterity
  • Ring new: 5% chance of casting Slvl (plvl*0.2) Bone spear on hit, adds 3-6 damage, +10-25 Dexterity
  • Weapon old:4-10% Regenerate Mana, +10-20 Mana, +1-5% Mana Steal
  • Weapon new :4-10% Regenerate Mana, +10-20 Mana, +1-2 to skill level
  • Helm old:4-10% Regenerate Mana, +10-20 Mana, 1-4% Mana Steal
  • Helm New: 4-10% Regenerate Mana, +10-20 Mana, 5-15% cast speed
  • Chest old: Regenerate Mana 4-12%, +10-20 Mana, +1-3 Mana Per Kill
  • Chest New: Regenerate Mana 4-12%, 5-10% increased mana, +2-4 to random spell
  • gloves old: +4-10% Faster Mana Regen, +10-20 Mana, +1-3 Mana Per Kill
  • gloves new: +4-10% Faster Mana Regen, 5-10% faster cast speed, +5-10 Mana Per Kill
  • Belt: fine
  • Boots old: Regenerate Mana 4-10%, Mana +10-20, Max Mana +2-5%
  • Boots new: Regenerate Mana 4-10%, Mana +10-20, Max Mana +5-10%
  • shield old :+4-10% Regenerate Mana, +10-20 Mana, +5-10 Blocking Percentage
  • shield New :+4-10% Regenerate Mana, 10-15% damage gained as mana, +5-10 Blocking Percentage
  • ring: fine
  • amulet: fine
  • Weapon old: Reduced Damage 1-4, Reduced Magic Damage 1-2, +5-10% Defense
  • Weapon new: 5% chance of casting slvl(plvl*0.2) Frost Nova On hit, +35-60% Enhanced Damage, Hit blinds target
  • Amulet:Reduces Damage 1-4, Reduces Magic Damage 1-2, +1-10% Blocking
  • Amulet:Reduces Damage 1-4%, Reduces Magic Damage 1-2%, +1-10% Blocking
  • Ring old:Reduces Damage 1-4, Reduces Magic Damage 1-2, +1-5 Vitality
  • Ring new:Reduces Damage 1-4%, Reduces Magic Damage 1-2%, +5-10 Vitality
  • Helm old:Reduces Damage 1-4, Reduces Magic Damage 1-2, +5-10% Lightning Resistance, +10-30% Defense
  • Helm New: Reduces Damage 1-4%, Reduces Magic Damage 1-2%, +1-3% to Lightning maximum resistance, defence, +50-100% Defense
  • Boots old: Reduces Damage 1-4, Reduces Magical Damage 1-2, 5-10% Fire Resistance, +10-30% Defense
  • Boots New: Reduces Damage 1-4%, Reduces Magical Damage 1-2%, +1-3% to Fire maximum resistance, +50-100% Defense
  • Shieldold: Reduces Damage 1-4, Reduces Magic Damage 1-2, 5-10% Resist Magic, +10-30% Defense
  • Shield New: Reduces Damage 1-4%, Reduces Magic Damage 1-2%, 5-10% Magic absorb, +150-200% Defense
  • Gloves old:Reduces Damage 1-4, Reduces Magical Damage 1-2, +5-10% Resist Cold, +10-33% Defense
  • Gloves New: Reduces Damage 1-4%, Reduces Magical Damage 1-2%, +1-3% to maximum cold resistance, +30-80% Defense
  • Chest old:Reduces Damage 3-9, Reduces Magic Damage 2-5, Half Freeze Duration, Increased Defense 10-30%
  • Chest New :Reduces Damage 3-9%, Reduces Magic Damage 2-5%, Cannot be frozen, Increased Defense 50-100%
  • Belt old:Reduces Damage 3-9, Reduces Magical Damage 2-5, 5-10% Resist Poison, +10-30% Defense
  • Belt New:Reduces Damage 3-9%, Reduces Magical Damage 2-5%, +1-3% to maximum poison resistance,50% reduced poison length, +50-100% Defense
Blood: ( to be continued)
  • Weapon old:1-4% Life Leech, +10-20 Hit Points, +35-60% Damage
  • Weapon new:5-10% Life Leech, 5-15% open wounds, +35-60% Damage
  • Amulet old:1-4% Life Steal, +10-20 Hit Points, 5-10% Faster Walk/Run
  • Amulet new:1-4% Life Steal, 3-5% increased life, 5-10% Faster Walk/Run
  • Ring old:1-3% Life Leech, +10-20 Hit Points, +1-5 Strength
  • Ring new:1-3% Life Leech, 1-3% increased life, +5-10 Strength
  • Helm old :1-4% Life Leech, +10-20 Hit Points, 5-10% chance of Deadly Strike
  • Helm new:1-4% Life Leech, 3-5% increased life, 5-10% chance of Deadly Strike
  • Boots:1-3% Life Leech, +10-20 Hit Points, +5-10 Life Regeneration
  • Boots:1-3% Life Leech, 3-5% increased life, +5-10 Life Regeneration
  • Shield old:1-4% Life Steal, +10-20 Hit Points, Attacker takes 4-7 damage
  • Shield new:1-4% Life Steal, 5-8% increased life, 5% chance of casting slvl 1 life tap when struck
  • belt old: 1-3% Life Leech, +10-20 Hit Points, Open Wounds 5-10%
  • belt new: 1-3% Life Leech, 2-4% increased life, 15-30% increased chance of potion crit
  • Gloves old:1-3% Life Leech, +10-20 Hit Points, 5-10% Crushing Blow
  • Gloves new:1-3% Life Leech, 2-4% increased life, 5-10% Crushing Blow
  • Chest old:1-3% Life Steal, +10-20 Hit points, 1-3 Demon Heal
- Chest new:1-3% Life Steal, 5-10% increased life, 10-30 Demon Heal Conclusion
I can imagine all the Jeweller’s Plate of the whale getting destroyed trying to do a blood or hit power craft on them hahaha
So combining the 2 you could have people trying to sacrifice their:
+6 skill sorc orb with caster craft
Cruel GMB of the fool with Blood craft
this would help crafting a lot rather than having only 3-4 good craft out of 40
People would be hoarding rare and high ilvl jewels, people would be identifying magic items in hope of getting cool affixes to sacrifice to RNGesus, that would be an awesome buff to endgame
=>Ingredient stacking Runes, gems, organs, keys, token now stack everywhere(inventory, stash,trade, vendor,cube)
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2021.12.02 18:32 dzouzefko Surprisingly accurate

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2021.12.02 18:32 MrFreakyStory "I Live Next To A Military Base, Something Escaped While I Was Hunting" | Horror Story

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2021.12.02 18:32 SirXrageXquit LF: Bulbasaur, Skrelp, Heracross, Porygon Tradebacks FT: Anything else from dex

need to finish up my Isle of Armor dex, just need skrelp, bulbasaur, Heracross, and trade backs to evolve my porygon twice.
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2021.12.02 18:32 MathYou69 When you are video calling someone, who do you look at more?

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2021.12.02 18:32 MJCbAdAsS Fluffy Stuffing- Legendary Artifact

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2021.12.02 18:32 popotron109 Can I just reset instead of releasing all breedjects?

I know in 7th gen (maybe even earlier), the shiny egg was like…determined the moment the mons entered the daycare. But in Sw/Sh, you could hatch 100 mons, reset, and then hatch an entirely new set of 100 mons with a chance to be shiny.
Can we still do that now? I don’t want to have to sit there releasing breedjects just to restart the hunt. 😐
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2021.12.02 18:32 Pheebolicious Brienne of Tarth?

Brienne of Tarth?
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2021.12.02 18:32 vmaurya7 In the quest for self-realization, your ego can be your best friend, or your worst enemy.

The modern mental healthcare paradigm often pathologizes processes that may be necessary to bring attention to the nature of delusion, and that can offer the keys to liberation. We also have a tendency to judge what a “good human” is supposed to look like, and condemn behaviors we consider undesirable. Making the innate drive towards liberation and enlightenment into either a pathology or a character defect has kept countless billions of people stagnant, because they are discouraged from employing the very tools they were given for liberation.
What were labeled character defects in the eyes of others never felt like problems for me, until others made them into a problem. I became deeply ashamed about the very things that gave my life its essential fire and vitality. Everything I liked about myself was perceived as somehow problematic.
The ebullient self-confidence and grandiosity exhibited by small children is celebrated, but such displays by an adult are condemned as narcissism and arrogance. Small children are still in touch with their innate divinity, and see no need to be humble or modest. They celebrate themselves without reservation, until it is stamped out of them for the sake of conformity as they grow into adulthood. The few adults who remain connected with their divine nature seem manic, cocky, and impulsive — although it often arises from the same sense of knowing their own divinity.
Children are indoctrinated into social customs early in life, and those who refuse or are unable to be properly socialized are ostracized by their peers and chastised by their parents. Some of these individuals are given a clinical diagnosis, even though the inability to accept normative behavior was based in the intuitive understanding that social niceties were inauthentic. Most people have high levels of tolerance for phony behavior, and often become unconscious of it as they get older, but these misfits remain acutely aware of the painful demands of having to pretend constantly.
Adolescents often experience a period of rebellion, when they see the structures of society as being artificial, and they sometimes make a vain effort to break out of it. This is often brushed aside as “teen angst”, although what they were perceiving was truth. When an adult continues to exhibit subversive and rebellious tendencies, they are silenced, when these very attributes are the parts of them that know the whole thing is a show.
Qualities that others may consider “bad” may actually be your most brilliant gifts and hold the secrets to your freedom. Denying them for the sake of propriety leads to true mental illnesses. Using them for liberation allows you to both embrace and transcend them. Turn that base metal into gold.
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2021.12.02 18:32 sheep-o-thundaa12 How do you get 500 old cows into a barn?

You put up a bingo sign
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2021.12.02 18:32 HannahJane1234 Finally working on Lilas natural form

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2021.12.02 18:32 Historical-Salad-213 Why does it seem like the only way to get out of a dead end job without a degree is to get a low level tech job?

What if I dont want to code, work around with fixing computers or become a desktop help technican It seems like everywhere I see advice on getting out of a dead end minimum wage job the people usually say to them to go a certs so you can be an IT technican or something but what if i dont to do that? I looked around if there are certs for other things other than tech but nope only tech related certs come on man seriously Is everything tech nowadays or what??
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2021.12.02 18:32 bard_of_space similar to the infinite mcdonalds post; how might life evolve in SCP's infinite ikea?

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2021.12.02 18:32 TheAbbadon Do we live in a democracy?

We just choose the best out of our limited options, but it's still our choice. But how do fake news influence this? I mean, yeah, in the past there were problems with people lying, faking and manipulating persons to be voted, but right now?
Let's say there are 2 candidates for becoming the president. Both are running fake news campaigns to make the other look good or make themselves look better. This campaigns aren't really "in your face" so most people don't see them as manipulations (and I understand that people chose to believe things that are similar to their mindset) but in time, I believe, there is the risk that the people who vote won't see the real person, just the image created by the campaigns of misinformation.
And if this happen for both candidates, no matter who will win, they will win because they had manipulated people "better", no? Is our system still a democracy or just the fading illusion hide the truth that money buy everything...
Do we live in democracy or is that just another lie?
PS: *A movie made me question our system - (After Truth: Disinformation and the Cost of Fake News - 2020)
** it really doesn't matter who the candidate is, the country or even the continent. I'm not pro Trump, or anti, I'm not even american. Also, Trump is kinda the result of a bad system, no?
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2021.12.02 18:32 TheVengefulSpecter Sixus Fingerus, the punisher of the seventh finger

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2021.12.02 18:32 citricacidx Nana: Complete Collection [SteelBook] [Blu-ray] [6 Discs]

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2021.12.02 18:32 FieldTripping585 Graveler Raid on me add 9448 4956 9110

9448 4956 9110
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2021.12.02 18:32 mikephoto1 Rush 2042 portal

My god this is the most fun I have had so far with BF. Really don't understand why it's not a main game mode but I do seem to be getting ribbons and xp from it so.....
It really felt like I was in a bf game and that felt good.
Still does not take away how messed this game is and how they have some how managed to make it worse after the update.
Also fuck santa.
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2021.12.02 18:32 jacoSium capita

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2021.12.02 18:32 K3gamerK3 Best ATX case for features, looks, and airflow?

Looking for a case upgrade. I really like my old Silverstone PM01 but it has limited radiator support, dated front I/O, and non-addressable RGB.
I haven't looked into cases in a while, what has good airflow, looks nice, has room for radiators, and ARGB?
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2021.12.02 18:32 KyouyaHibarii Block youtube's "More Videos" overlay?

'' as suggested by gorhill no longer works (on 3rd party sites)..
Edit: Solved by krystian3w,, .show-video-thumbnail-button, #rvid 
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2021.12.02 18:32 Diver-Budget 2 apple watches Amazon FTID?

Will this work?
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2021.12.02 18:32 laramye Our oldest beardie passed away in my arms today after fighting an infection. He showed us how insanely intelligent, sweet, and awesome lizards can be over the past 9 years-- more than I could have ever imagined. RIP Baroness, we'll miss you forever.

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