[PS4] W: Crystal Sage’s Rapier H: Ask

2021.12.02 18:49 jakeklusewitz [PS4] W: Crystal Sage’s Rapier H: Ask

Hello! I’m going for the platinum, which means farming for covenant items. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that the Crystal Sage’s Rapier raises item discovery significantly…. Anyone willing to trade for it? My prized treasures are at your mercy… 😅
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2021.12.02 18:49 SnooTangerines36 everyone if roblox was down after being down in october (wow greg heffley has got into a roblox meme) (for roblox meme review) (image from diary of a wimpy kid class clown, except I edited it)

everyone if roblox was down after being down in october (wow greg heffley has got into a roblox meme) (for roblox meme review) (image from diary of a wimpy kid class clown, except I edited it) submitted by SnooTangerines36 to bloxymemes [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 18:49 Impossible-Bad-8551 💎 Mini Raca Just Launched 5 Minutes 🚀 Ultra Low Cap with chary only goes up 💎 Ready For Going To Moon 💎 Don't miss this | 1500X Gemmmmm!

Are you tired of fake projects, rug pull and shit/meme tokens?
A losing investor saying `` We also missed this train '' Don't miss it now ❗️
⭐️ Five reasons for smart investors ⭐️
1️. Mutual agreement news with hotels, casinos and tourism agencies including usage areas
2️. Strong team of engineers and marketers
3️. Original and comprehensive whitepaper
4️. Mobile app
What's MRACA Protocol ?
MRACA protocol aims to create a system where users can benefit from discounts and special privileges thanks to the mobile application that will be created with tourism agencies, hotels, airline companies and casinos.
For use in hotel reservations, flight tickets and casino expenses all over the world. MRACA Protocol , which has already distinguished its place among the most powerful coins in Binance Smart Chain , carries out strategies to maximize the satisfaction of its investors and users with the smart contract it creates.
🟡 Token Information 🟡
Name / Symbol : Mini RACA / MINIRACA
Total Supply : 1,000,000,000
Type : BEP20
📱 Mobile App
✅ Coingecko / CoinMarketCap
🎯 Coinsniper
🎯 Coinhunter
💎 Contract: 0x4feFB35c467a41b5E94a7783C09F396579BCD5D0
💎 Pancakeswap : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x4feFB35c467a41b5E94a7783C09F396579BCD5D0
💎 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x4feFB35c467a41b5E94a7783C09F396579BCD5D0#readContract
💎 LP LOCKED : https://deeplock.io/lock/0x55d9f801b5de493a1265a0819700f55548d51584
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2021.12.02 18:49 TactXO EA clarifies usage of holiday skins (Santa skin likely a temporary, Portal-only skin)

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2021.12.02 18:49 MazakS [Store]Butterfly fade,Butterfly doppler P4,Karambit fade,Gloves field agent,M9 Crimson web,AUG Akihabara,Karambit marble fade,ST Butterfly slaughter,Karambit lore,Karambit marble fade,Skeleton slaughter,M9 Fade,Flip black pearl,ST Karambit tiger tooth,Talon marble fade,Butterfly crimson,Talon dopplr

Everything in my inventory is up for trade !
If you want to trade something from my inventory just send steam offer!
Looking for items trades too not only keys trades!
Prices are not set in TF2keys but CS:GO keys!

Butterfly fade MW 0.07 - 990Keys🔑
Butterfly doppler P4 FN 0.03 - 750Keys🔑
Butterfly marble fade FN 0.03 - 710Keys🔑
ST Karambit fade FN 0.05 - 680Keys🔑
Butterfly tiger tooth FN 0.01 - 535Keys🔑
Butterfly tiger tooth FN 0.02 - 535Keys🔑
AUG Akihabara accept FT 0.34 - 500Keys🔑
ST Karambit marble fade FN blue dom 0.03 - 480Keys🔑
Karambit lore MW 0.10 - 480Keys🔑
Butterfly slaughter MW 0.11 - 450Keys🔑
M9 Fade FN 86% 0.007 - 350Keys🔑
Flip black pearl FN 🖤 0.05 - 410Keys🔑
Butterfly ultraviolet MW 0.14 - 390Keys🔑
Karambit slaughter FN 0.05 - 340Keys🔑
Talon marble fade FN 0.02 - 330Keys🔑
Gloves slingshot FT 0.35 - 320Keys🔑
Karambit tiger tooth FN 0.06 - 320Keys🔑 6.12.2021
Butterfly crimson web FT 0.35 - 320Keys🔑
Butterfly crimson web FT 0.35 - 320Keys🔑
Talon doppler P2 FN 0.03 - 300Keys🔑
Butterfly night MW 0.14 - 300Keys🔑
Karambit doppler P4 FN 0.06 - 300Keys🔑
Karambit doppler P3 FN 0.009 - 300Keys🔑
Karambit doppler P1 FN 0.02 - 300Keys🔑 10.12.2021
Karambit doppler P1 MW 0.07 - 300Keys🔑
ST Karambit case hardened MW 0.08 - 300Keys🔑
Gloves crimson web MW 0.12 - 285Keys🔑
Karambit autotronic FT 0.37 - 260Keys🔑
Karambit autotronic FT 0.33 - 260Keys🔑
ST Karambit crimson web FT 0.23 - 250Keys🔑
Bayonet gamma doppler P1 FN 0.007 - 250Keys🔑
Gut Emerald FN 💚 0.03 - 240Keys🔑
ST Karambit freehand FN 0.06 - 240Keys🔑
Bayonet marble fade FN 0.008 - 240Keys🔑
AK X-Ray BS 0.88 - 230Keys🔑
ST Bayonet doppler P4 FN 0.02 - 230Keys🔑
ST Karambit bright water FN 0.06 - 230Keys🔑
Gloves amphibious FT 0.22 - 230Keys🔑
Gloves amphibious FT 0.35 - 225Keys🔑
M9 tiger tooth FN 0.03 - 225Keys🔑 8.12.2021
ST AWP Oni taiji MW 0.12 - 220Keys🔑 8.12.2021
Butterfly case hardened FT 0.20 - 220Keys🔑
Butterfly case hardened FT 0.33 - 220Keys🔑
M9 Doppler FN P2 0.03 - 215Keys🔑
M9 Doppler FN P1 0.02 - 215Keys🔑
M9 Doppler FN P3 0.02 - 215Keys🔑
M9 Doppler FN P3 0.01 - 215Keys🔑
Desert eagle blaze MW 0.07 - 215Keys🔑
Wraps CAUTION MW 0.12 - 215Keys🔑
Broken Fang Gloves Jade MW 0.13 - 215Keys🔑
ST Gut sapphire FN 💙 0.03 - 215Keys🔑
Gut sapphire MW 💙 0.071 - 215Keys🔑
ST Gut ruby FN ❤️ 0.02 - 215Keys🔑
Flip fade FN 0.03 - 215Keys🔑
Bayonet doppler P2 FN 0.007 - 215Keys🔑
Bayonet doppler P4 FN 0.02 - 215Keys🔑
Butterfly ultraviolet FT 0.31 - 215Keys🔑
Karambit ultraviolet MW 0.14 - 200Keys🔑
Butterfly rust coat BS 0.48 - 195Keys🔑
Butterfly rust coat WW 0.40 - 190Keys🔑
Bayonet tiger tooth MW 0.07 - 190Keys🔑
Bayonet vanilla 0.13 - 185Keys🔑
ST Bayonet lore FT 0.28 - 185Keys🔑
Karambit blue steel BS 0.75 - 180Keys🔑
Navaja sapphire FN 💙 0.06 - 180Keys🔑
Survival fade FN 0.03 - 180Keys🔑
Desert eagle blaze FN 0.03 - 180Keys🔑
Talon slaughter FT 0.17 - 180Keys🔑
Bayonet slaughter FN 0.03 - 178Keys🔑
Bayonet slaughter FN 0.03 - 178Keys🔑
Shadow ruby FN ❤️ 0.01 - 170Keys🔑
Butterfly stained WW 0.43 - 170Keys🔑 8.12.2021
Karambit blue steel WW 0.40 - 160Keys🔑
Bayonet doppler P1 FN 0.04 - 160Keys🔑
Butterfly stained FT 0.18 - 160Keys🔑
Butterfly boreal forest FT 0.27 - 160Keys🔑
Butterfly forest DDPAT FT 0.35 - 160Keys🔑 4.12.2021
Nomad fade FN 0.02 - 160Keys🔑
Talon crimson web FT 0.16 - 160Keys🔑
M9 Black laminate FT 0.28 - 160Keys🔑
M9 Black laminate WW 0.40 - 160Keys🔑
M9 Ultraviolet MW 0.14 - 160Keys🔑
M9 Bright water FN 0.06 - 155Keys🔑
ST Karambit night FT 0.31 - 150Keys🔑
AK Vulcan FN 0.06 - 142Keys🔑
Karambit stained MW 0.13 - 142Keys🔑
Karambit stained WW 0.39 - 142Keys🔑 8.12.2021
Bowie fade FN 91% 0.01 - 142Keys🔑
Gloves crimson weave FT 0.37 - 142Keys🔑
Wraps cobalt skulls BS 0.79 - 140Keys🔑
ST Karambit bright water FT 0.21 - 140Keys🔑
Karambit ultraviolet FT 0.34 - 140Keys🔑
ST Stiletto marble fade FN 0.02 - 132Keys🔑
Stiletto fade FN 90% 0.003 - 132Keys🔑
Butterfly scorched FT 0.36 - 130Keys🔑
Butterfly scorched BS 0.49 - 130Keys🔑
Ursus doppler P2 FN 0.009 - 130Keys🔑
ST M9 Blue steel FT 0.30 - 130Keys🔑
Karambit night FT 0.19 - 130Keys🔑
Karambit rust coat BS 0.53 - 125Keys🔑
Talon vanilla 0.69 - 125Keys🔑
Talon vanilla 0.55 - 125Keys🔑
Talon vanilla 0.63 - 125Keys🔑
Gloves arid FT 0.35 - 125Keys🔑 6.12.2021
Bayonet damascus steel FN 0.05 - 125Keys🔑
Bayonet damascus steel FN 0.04 - 125Keys🔑
Huntsman fade FN 90% 0.01 - 125Keys🔑
M9 Case hardened WW 0.44 - 120Keys🔑
Paracord crimson web FT 0.28 - 120Keys🔑
Gloves slingshot BS 0.71 - 120Keys🔑
Skeleton night BS 0.55 - 120Keys🔑
Gloves field agent WW 0.39 - 120Keys🔑
ST Flip doppler P1 FN 0.05 - 120Keys🔑
ST Flip doppler P3 FN 0.01 - 120Keys🔑
Ursus marble fade FN 0.02 - 120Keys🔑 4.12.2021
Talon case hardened WW 0.40 - 120Keys🔑
AWP Lightning strike MW 0.07 - 120Keys🔑
Ursus crimson web FT 0.15 - 115Keys🔑
M9 Freehand FT 0.16 - 115Keys🔑
ST Sruvival vanilla 0.07 - 114Keys🔑
ST Shadow fade FN 97% 0.01 - 110Keys🔑
M9 Damascus steel BS 0.49 - 110Keys🔑
ST Ursus crimson web FT 0.34 - 110Keys🔑
Survival crimson web FT 0.35 - 110Keys🔑
ST M9 Bright water FT 0.21 - 110Keys🔑
Huntsman doppler P2 FN 0.02 - 110Keys🔑
Huntsman doppler P2 FN 0.05 - 110Keys🔑
ST M9 Bright water WW 0.38 - 110Keys🔑
M9 Blue steel BS 0.60 - 110Keys🔑
M9 Damascus steel FT 0.17 - 110Keys🔑
Falchion doppler P2 FN 0.008 - 110Keys🔑
ST Talon blue steel FT 0.19 - 110Keys🔑
ST Huntsman tiger tooth FN 0.03 - 105Keys🔑
Stiletto doppler P1 FN 0.02 - 100Keys🔑
Stiletto slaughter FN 0.05 - 100Keys🔑
Huntsman doppler P3 FN 0.02 - 100Keys🔑
Flip slaughter MW 0.10 - 100Keys🔑
Huntsman doppler P1 FN 0.006 - 100Keys🔑
Stiletto doppler P1 FN 0.01 - 100Keys🔑 7.12.2021
ST Bowie tiger tooth FN 0.02 - 100Keys🔑
Bowie marble fade FN 0.03 - 100Keys🔑
Bowie marble fade FN 0.02 - 100Keys🔑
AWP silk tiger MW 0.13 - 100Keys🔑
Flip tiger tooth FN 0.008 - 100Keys🔑
Flip tiger tooth FN 0.009 - 100Keys🔑
ST Bayonet crimson web WW 0.38 - 100Keys🔑
Bayonet crimson web FT 0.29 - 100Keys🔑
Bayonet crimson web FT 0.36 - 100Keys🔑
AK Panthera onca MW 0.09 - 100Keys🔑
Gloves foundation FT 0.37 - 100Keys🔑
Ursus slaughter MW 0.09 - 100Keys🔑
Karambit urban masked FT 0.37 - 100Keys🔑
M9 Night FT 0.19 - 100Keys🔑
M9 Night FT 0.35 - 100Keys🔑
M4A1 Blue phosphor FN 0.01 - 100Keys🔑
M4A1 Blue phosphor FN 0.02 - 100Keys🔑
M4A1 Blue phosphor MW 0.07 - 100Keys🔑
Bowie doppler P3 FN 0.001 - 100Keys🔑
Gloves lt. commander FT 0.37 - 100Keys🔑
Ursus tiger tooth FN 0.01 - 100Keys🔑
M9 Damascus steel FT 0.21 - 100Keys🔑
Ursus crimson web WW 0.38 - 90Keys🔑
M9 Stained BS 0.96 - 90Keys🔑 8.12.2021
ST Stiletto slaughter FT 0.23 - 90Keys🔑
Paracord vanilla 0.37 - 90Keys🔑
M9 Bright water FT 0.21 - 90Keys🔑
Bayonet ultraviolet FT 0.36 - 90Keys🔑
ST AK Case hardened FT 0.18 - 90Keys🔑
Gloves charred MW 0.12 - 90Keys🔑
Bowie tiger tooth FN 0.01 - 90Keys🔑
Gut autotronic FN 0.06 - 90Keys🔑
Gloves crimson weave BS 0.74 - 85Keys🔑
ST Flip freehand FN 0.06 - 85Keys🔑
Flip lore FT 0.27 - 85Keys🔑
ST Baynet rust coat BS 0.76 - 82Keys🔑
M9 Forest DDPAT FT 0.33 - 82Keys🔑
M9 Urban masked FT 0.28 - 80Keys🔑
Gut gamma doppler P2 FN 0.02 - 80Keys🔑
Huntsman slaughter FT 0.15 - 80Keys🔑
Huntsman tiger tooth FN 0.05 - 80Keys🔑
Gloves polygon FT 0.35 - 80Keys🔑 5.12.2021
AK Vulcan MW 0.11 - 80Keys🔑
Falchion marble fade FN 0.03 - 78Keys🔑
ST Gut gamma doppler P4 FN 0.01 - 78Keys🔑
Shadow doppler P4 FN 0.009 - 75Keys🔑
Flip lore BS 0.54 - 75Keys🔑
M9 Urban masked WW 0.38 - 75Keys🔑 7.12.2021
Falchion slaughter FN 0.03 - 75Keys🔑
Falchion slaughter FN 0.03 - 75Keys🔑
Gloves guerrilla MW 0.14 - 75Keys🔑
M9 Safari mesh MW 0.12 - 75Keys🔑
Gloves guerrilla MW 0.14 - 70Keys🔑
Bayonet night FT 0.16 - 70Keys🔑
Falchion tiger tooth MW 0.07 - 70Keys🔑
Shadow doppler P4 FN 0.03 - 70Keys🔑
ST Ursus case hardened FT 0.20 - 70Keys🔑
Gloves case hardened MW 0.13 - 70Keys🔑
ST Flip freehand MW 0.11 - 67Keys🔑
Desert eagle emerald MW 0.10 - 65Keys🔑
Falchion slaughter MW 0.11 - 65Keys🔑
ST Ursus ultraviolet FT 0.36 - 65Keys🔑
Flip vanilla 0.18 - 65Keys🔑
Gloves eclipse FT 0.37 - 65Keys🔑
Gloves eclipse FT 0.35 - 65Keys🔑
ST Flip night FT 0.37 - 60Keys🔑
ST P2000 Ocean foam MW 0.07 - 60Keys🔑
ST Gut doppler P2 FN 0.007 - 60Keys🔑
Bayonet safari mesh FT 0.15 - 60Keys🔑
Classic case hardened FT 0.19 - 60Keys🔑
Huntsman crimson web FT 0.25 - 60Keys🔑
ST Ursus blue steel MW 0.09 - 60Keys🔑
Flip black laminate FT 0.34 - 60Keys🔑
Bayonet forest DDPAT FT 0.37 - 60Keys🔑 5.12.2021
Gut fade FN 0.01 - 57Keys🔑 8.12.2021
Flip freehand BS 0.47 - 55Keys🔑
Stiletto vanilla 0.20 - 55Keys🔑
Flip bright water MW 0.14 - 55Keys🔑
Flip bright water FT 0.33 - 55Keys🔑
Shadow doppler P3 FN 0.05 - 55Keys🔑
Gloves marble fade BS 0.48 - 55Keys🔑
M4A4 Asiimov FT 0.34 - 55Keys🔑
Huntsman blue steel MW 0.14 - 54Keys🔑
Huntsman blue steel FT 0.18 - 54Keys🔑
Huntsman blue steel FT 0.27 - 54Keys🔑
Gut slaughter FN 0.05 - 53Keys🔑
Gloves case hardened FT 0.20 - 53Keys🔑
Gut marble fade FN 0.004 - 53Keys🔑
Gut marble fade FN FFI 0.01 - 53Keys🔑
AK Case hardened MW 29%blue 0.10 - 53Keys🔑
Ursus blue steel MW 0.08 - 53Keys🔑
Huntsman damascus steel FN 0.06 - 53Keys🔑
ST Blue steel FT 0.17 - 53Keys🔑
ST Navaja marble fade FN 0.02 - 53Keys🔑
Navaja marble fade FN 0.03 - 53Keys🔑
Navaja marble fade FN 0.01 - 53Keys🔑
M4A4 Asiimov FT 0.30 - 53Keys🔑
Flip ultraviolet FT 0.19 - 53Keys🔑
Flip freehand WW 0.42 - 50Keys🔑
ST AK Frontside mistly FN 0.06 - 50Keys🔑
Navaja doppler P3 FN 0.04 - 50Keys🔑
Gloves diamondback FT 0.36 - 50Keys🔑
ST Bowie damascus steel FT 0.21 - 50Keys🔑
Bowie blue steel MW 0.12 - 50Keys🔑
Gut doppler P2 FN 0.03 - 50Keys🔑
Gut doppler P4 FN 0.03 - 50Keys🔑
Gut doppler P4 FN 0.03 - 50Keys🔑
Gut doppler P3 FN 0.02 - 50Keys🔑
Gut tiger tooth FN 0.01 - 50Keys🔑
ST Bowie ultraviolet FT 0.37 - 50Keys🔑
Falchion case hardened FT 0.16 - 50Keys🔑
Ursus night MW 0.14 - 50Keys🔑
ST Stiletto ultraviolet FT 0.36 - 48Keys🔑
Stiletto ultraviolet FT 0.20 - 48Keys🔑
Bowie damascus steel FT 0.29 - 48Keys🔑
Falchion damascus steel MW 0.14 - 46Keys🔑
ST Navaja tiger tooth FN 0.03 - 45Keys🔑
Flip boreal forest MW 0.14 - 45Keys🔑
Wraps leather FT 0.35 - 45Keys🔑 6.12.2021
Flip overtake FT 0.19 - 45Keys🔑
Bowie stained FT 0.31 - 45Keys🔑
Bowie stained FT 0.18 - 45Keys🔑
Paracord blue steel WW 0.43 - 43Keys🔑
Shadow ultraviolet MW 0.08 - 42Keys🔑
Ursus boreal forest FT 0.17 - 40Keys🔑
Huntsman boreal forest FT 0.16 - 40Keys🔑
Falchion blue steel MW 0.10 - 40Keys🔑
Gloves forest DDPAT FT 0.37 - 40Keys🔑
Gloves bronzed FT 0.22 - 40Keys🔑
Gloves bronzed WW 0.39 - 40Keys🔑
Gloves transport BS 0.71 - 40Keys🔑 10.12.2021
Flip safari mesh MW 0.09 - 40Keys🔑
Falchion ultraviolet MW 0.13 - 40Keys🔑
Flip rust coat BS 0.63 - 40Keys🔑
ST AWP Wildifre FT 0.29 - 40Keys🔑
Classic night stripe MW 0.14 - 40Keys🔑
Shadow crimson web FT 0.15 - 40Keys🔑
Shadow tiger tooth FN 0.009 - 40Keys🔑
Shadow crimson web FT 0.35 - 40Keys🔑
Flip blue steel BS 0.57 - 40Keys🔑
Stiletto ultraviolet FT 0.36 - 40Keys🔑 10.12.2021
Stiletto night WW 0.43 - 38Keys🔑
Flip damascus steel FT 0.18 - 35Keys🔑 6.12.2021
Flip urban masked BS 0.45 - 35Keys🔑
Huntsman boreal forest FT 0.19 - 35Keys🔑 10.12.2021
Gut vanilla 0.38 - 35Keys🔑
AWP Containment breach MW 0.10 - 35Keys🔑
Falchion scorched FT 0.26 - 35Keys🔑
Wraps arboreal WW 0.38 - 35Keys🔑
Bowie ultraviolet FT 0.29 - 35Keys🔑
M4A1 Mecha industries FN 0.06 - 35Keys🔑
Ursus boreal forest FT 0.15 - 35Keys🔑
Ursus rust coat BS 0.60 - 35Keys🔑
Gloves buckshot FT 0.36 - 35Keys🔑
Bowie rust coat BS 0.59 - 35Keys🔑
Wraps arboreal WW 0.43 - 35Keys🔑
Flip ultraviolet BS 0.58 - 35Keys🔑
Bowie ddpat FT 0.35 - 35Keys🔑
Gut bright water MW 0.10 - 35Keys🔑
Shadow ultraviolet FT 0.36 - 33Keys🔑
Gloves unhinged WW 0.39 - 30Keys🔑
Survival forest DDPAT FT 0.35 - 30Keys🔑 8.12.2021
ST AWP Hyper beast FT 0.18 - 28Keys🔑
Gloves mangrove FT 0.19 - 28Keys🔑 8.12.2021
B/O is not in hydra keys
Add me to talk
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2021.12.02 18:49 thoushallnotfindme Ronaldo scored twice against Arsenal for #mufc in 2004-05 at Highbury when he was 19. He's scored twice against them tonight aged 36.

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2021.12.02 18:49 letmelog i found my brother

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2021.12.02 18:49 Johannes_Chimp Out of Context Zouks

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2021.12.02 18:49 ThrowAway71968 My(28M) girlfriend(28F) slept with someone a week before being exclusive

I'm sorry if this is too detailed I've never wrote a post before
As the title says I found out my GF had been with a guy a couple weeks after we went on our first date. I've added the dates and timelines because I feel it will help with context. We weren't exclusive at that point and had been on two dates and hadn't slept together yet. I also found out that there was another she nearly was with the day before our second date but it didn't happen as she said she went round to sleep with him but then was on her period so they just kissed and he touched but that was it according to her. For context both these men are people she met on a hookup app and one was actually married(this was consensual from his wife, I find it gross but to each their own).
So one of the reasons I'm pissed about this is that on our 4th date she'd brought up the topic she's not been on any dates since me and FYI this was about 6 days after she had slept with the other guy. We slept together for the first time a couple days after she slept with this guy in her bed. At this point I was really happy because I hadn't been with anyone since our first date which hadn't always been the case with people I'd liked before. We became exclusive a couple days after this date.
Time goes on we don't really talk about it and then a few days before I asked her to be my girlfriend she told me how she had used this hookup app and told me she is now friends with one of the guys from there but she cut it off, the married man. The way she had said this it seemed he casually sleeping with this man well predated me but in reality it had been about 2 weeks since she slept with him.
Everyone has a past and I didn't mind because well it was the past and she said she hadn't dated anyone I assumed sex and everything else was included in this. Anyway a few weeks later I saw the two of them texting and it wasn't frequent but also not infrequent and I thought it was weird and told her once it made me a little uncomfortable I know I got jealous but I wanted to me open and honest. We didn't talk about it again for a little while and then a conversation sort of came up where I'd wanted to know if there was a crossover between me and him. She said no.
I took her at her word and we never really spoke about it again but it was coming up to our three months since our first date anniversary and I was telling her how happy I was we hadn't been with anyone else. Having heard me say this a few times and the fact I hate lying. She said to me that the day before our second date she did meet one of the two guys she had been with (not the one I was uncomfortable with) but nothing happened and it was a friendly drink. I said cool and we didn't speak about it even though it seemed sus to me as mentioned earlier she did plan on sleeping with him.
That takes us to a few days after this chat she tells me that on the day of my mates wedding and two days before our third date she slept with this guy I was uncomfortable with. And she didn't mean to lie to me she genuinely forgot and didn't think it was relevant as it meant nothing. So yeah that's really been hurting me..
The last thing is the guy I was uncomfortable with I think she's done a few things with him that had only been him. Now maybe me as well but was only him and I don't think you trust someone you casually sleep with to do these things and the fact they kept texting makes me feel very small.
So that's everything that's happened I am trying to work on fixing things but truth is it really hurts me that she lied about it and that I agreed to commit to someone without knowing all the facts. Whenever we speak about it which isn't often she seems to get both angry and sad. When she gets angry it does annoy me as she seems to just turn it on me at times saying it's my pride or that dating doesn't mean not sleeping with.
I know I'm incredibly insecure and she technically didn't do anything wrong bar the lying, I'm looking for advice on how we can fix this because I know for a fact she loves me very much now and that sleeping with him meant nothing but it doesn't change how I feel unfortunately.

TLDR GF lied about not dating anyone early into our relationship but has slept with one person and went over to sleep without someone else but wasn't feeling up for it the week before this.
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2021.12.02 18:49 AvMikeK12 Where To Find Beginner Resources?

I checked the wiki but only found podcasts and book recommendations. Are there any blogs or YouTube channels that I can go to? In a few years, I'm going to start looking to do some house hacking by buying a multifamily home like a quadplex and renting the other units out. I'll be using my VA loan if that matters. Then my plan was to buy another multifamily after living in the first for a year (VA requirements).
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2021.12.02 18:49 The_Fallen_Elder_God Why?

-Why are all politicians such pieces of shit?
-Why do politicians see us all as nothing but cattle to be slaughtered/insects to be squashed whenever the hell they feel like it?
-Why is abortion so damn wrong when it'd be better for the world to have LESS people not more?
-Why does Japan have such an epically,piece-of-shit,dumbass government(like real talk...if they fuck up BADLY...we die,tl;dr: Defense agreement with the U.S+ANYONE nukes Japan again=We die in nuclear hellfire. THE END.)?
-Why can't Japan,you know,FIX THEIR FUCKING SHIT?
-Why has China become this "Humanity-ending threat" that means that not only must China be destroyed,but all Chinese people must die(according to governments in the west and Japan)?
-Why is it that if China throws Taiwan a dirty look,we die in nuclear hellfire because the U.S says "You can have Taiwan OVER OUR DEAD BODIES!!"?
-Why is it that Taiwan holds the world and humanity's existence by the balls?
-Why is it that we still even do business with China and we are acting like we want to eradicate them YESTERDAY?
-Why is it that we need to even blow each other up when the damn earth itself is gonna kick ALL our asses(Climate change)?
-Why is our government either naive(Dems) or flat-out batshit insane(GOP/repubs)?
-Why is our government and country so fucked up?
-Why are people in this country so damn cruel?
-Why don't people understand a damn thing/REFUSE to understand a damn thing(like CHINESE HISTORY for one)
-Just what the fuck is wrong with Society/Humanity?
Honestly,If I were ET(Aliens,basically),I'd look at all this,and if I had to decide between eradicating humanity and taking the earth for my race/etc. and bringing humanity into a galactic collective?-
I'd just burn humanity to the ground. Too fucked up. too fucking cruel. too unwilling to learn or understand a damn thing.
(And all of the above questions are intended to be rhetorical,btw.)
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2021.12.02 18:49 sheisgolden7 Which one would you pick? if you can only have one.Creativity or Knowledge?

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2021.12.02 18:49 Local_Mode_8107 Fake NudesBot

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2021.12.02 18:49 retina_dan Full Thickness Macular Hole [FTMH] (60F)

Full Thickness Macular Hole [FTMH] (60F) submitted by retina_dan to OphthalmicPhotogs [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 18:49 Thekingb3 Does it make sense to finally get glasses?

My vision hasn’t been perfect for many years, but overall I’ve just been too stubborn to do anything about. As part of a health incentive for my employer’s insurance program, I went to the eye doctor for the first time since I can honestly remember. The doctor is pretty adamant that I should get a pair, but honestly I don’t know if the difference would be worth it when I’ve been fine for all these years.
The prescription is: OD: -2.50 sph -1.50 cyl, OS: -2.50 sph, -1.50 cyl. Sounds like the same for both eyes?
Can anyone interpret this and give me some feedback on their thoughts? Obviously, I trust the doctor but I like to hear other inputs.
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2021.12.02 18:49 hayaleturkcom Netflix Türkiye 2021 Aralık Ayı Takvimi

Netflix Türkiye 2021 Aralık ayı, dizi ve film takvimi açıklandı. Hababam Sınıfı Kıbrıs’ta: Yaz Oyunları, Çakallar gibi filmler başta olmak üzere birçok yeni yapımlar 2021 Aralık'da Netflix Türkiye’de
Merakla beklenen Aralık ayı, dizi ve film takvimi açıklandı.
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2021.12.02 18:49 onemanelevator John Lennon playing the Fender Bass VI

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2021.12.02 18:49 SeaSurprise777 Got verbally assaulted by a Gronk on D line last evening. Stay safe y’all.

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2021.12.02 18:49 EthanTheBowers Elves and trees.

I am new to this game and just got to act 2 after like 25 hours lol. I spoke to the ship and she told me she was an ancestor tree? What is that? Do elves become trees when they die?
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2021.12.02 18:49 M0nk3yJam3s Making friends with the kids!

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2021.12.02 18:49 kkrump HDMI over Ethernet extender through switch.

Instead of one wire running between the extenders can I plug into a switch and pass the traffic to a specific port in another room where the other half the extender is?
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2021.12.02 18:49 wintyfresh Why, Orbea? Why?

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2021.12.02 18:48 O_l_l_e Could use some active friends from Australia/New Zealand

Hello I am an active player from Belgium. My gifts will give you some Belgian 7km eggs wich will give you a lot of distance.
Here is my friend code. Can't wait to be friends :-) PS: I do remove friends who are way to close for me. I need to complete my distance medal.
6489 8670 4627
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2021.12.02 18:48 ConfidentGolf4549 چند نقطه سیاه توی تصویر هست دانشمند جواب این در پست بعدی🙏🏼🗿

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