Is Kris the knight?

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2021.12.02 19:21 King_and_Captain Is Kris the knight?

The queen said that the fountains are created through a knife. Right after the end of chapter one, where Kris locked his heart in a cage and took a knife, a new fountain was created (Cyber World). At the end of Chapter 2 he stabbed the knife into the ground aswell (like the Queen said), and dark smoke started pouring out (a new fountain was created). When his heart is absent, someone else maybe talks through him (to Jevil for example) and does these mysterious things. Aside from that is the outfit of Kris in the Dark Worlds a knight armor, which he carries all the time (even if noone remembered his appearance). Aswell, the fandom says the knight is alternately referred to with "they", like Susie said when she baked the cake with Toriel and Kris was in the bathroom to watch his hands ("Well they should hurry. I'm getting sleepy"). Toby tries to trick us probably, but these are some things I thought about.
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2021.12.02 19:21 themadkiller10 Can’t wait

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2021.12.02 19:21 BSF_Bot What They're Saying: Buffalo Bills -

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2021.12.02 19:21 godblessedtexas A Houston Area Brewery Released a Krampus Themed 12-Days of Christmas Beer Box

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2021.12.02 19:21 xAstralNyx Lucid Dream Questions

(I'm sort of a beginner lucid dreamer, so bear with me)

I've had some dreams where I became 'lucid', like I became aware that I was dreaming and the dream felt real for a second, but I always wake up immediately after I realize I'm in a dream. Would that be a lucid dream? because it only lasted a few seconds
Do you have any tips to ground myself in lucid dreams? And most of my ‘lucid’ dreams occurred randomly, so how do I make myself have a lucid dream on purpose? I’ve tried to fall asleep while I’m aware but that doesn’t work for me, and idk how to make myself aware while I’m already in a dream.
Also, sometimes a dream character forces/pushes me out of the dream but sometimes they try to make me stay but I wake up anyway? Is that normal?
And I've had dreams where I think I'm in a dream, but I don't become lucid unless I say it out loud, and I’ve also had dreams where I’m not lucid but I can control the direction of the dream, (like I can make myself fly and stuff and if I move away from the characters I can have a different dream? idk) Is that normal???
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2021.12.02 19:21 Astarothsito Cyclist awareness training for drivers of a new public bus line in Guadalajara, Mexico (Translation in comments)

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2021.12.02 19:21 Crispy_duck89 get this since you cant read Idiot

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2021.12.02 19:21 AutoNewspaperAdmin [CA] - Climate crisis fuels push to drop voting age to 16 | Toronto Star

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2021.12.02 19:21 SquiggleDoo Nurse With Wound - Yagga Blues

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2021.12.02 19:21 throwRAFenix My girlfriend came out as into lolicon and I don't know what to do.

About a year ago I met my current GF at a local anime meetup. She's everything I ever wanted as a lonely anime nerd who was basically completely ignored in high school and college. I'm making up for a lot of missed experiences. She's cute, funny, has all the same hobbies I do, and super weird. I love weird girls.
We are both huge on anime of course, but a little different in our likes and dislikes. Perfectly fine and she's actually introduced me to some I've never even heard of that I ended up liking. Before now I was pretty typical of the male american anime fan, liking the usual shonen/combat style staples. She got me into romantic and slice of life stuff.
Our most recent endeavor is dragon maid. Something I never would have picked up on my own. I guess it's one of her favorites, so after enjoying some of the last ones she showed me, I decided to give it a shot with her.
It's comfy and I'm enjoying it. We are about halfway through season one when she starts bringing up the "don't lewd the dragon loli' meme. Like a lot. Like every time Kanna is up she's commenting on it. Joking about how much people lewd her anyway and I'm just over here thinking yeah, we usually just ignore stuff like that though for our sanity. I laugh along with her anyway though and joke around about it cause I can tell she's fascinated by it. She's also into furry so I've already been exposed to her NSFW humor a bunch.
Anyway a few more episodes go by and she's getting more and more bold about commenting on Kanna. She makes comments about wanting to rub kannas belly and I'm just kinda zoning it and laughing while slightly internally weirded out abit. I guess that made her think I'm all good with it cause she straight up said she wanted to lewd kanna. She kept going admitting she was into lolicon and wanted to buy a kanna cosplay.
Honestly I didn't know how to respond to all of this so I just kinda blew it off with something like "Hah you are so weird sometimes", and she popped in saying she's serious and she's been into this stuff for a while.
I was still just at a loss for words honestly. I love this girl to death so i really just jokingly went along with it but this sort of thing has always creeped me out in the anime fandom. My social awkwardness couldn't handle a bombshell like that. I'm here now asking what to do about it. I didn't say anything negative to her about it since I'm petrified of losing her, but at the same time I don't know if I can be with someone who's into this and I definitely don't want her roleplaying kanna or whatever she has planned. We've done RP before with adult anime characters, so if she's cooking up cosplay ideas I know where this is going.
tl;dr: GF is into Kanna Kamui from Dragon Maid sexually, among other lolicon characters and will probably want to RP this in bed, but outside of that she's the best GF ever and I don't want to lose her. I don't know what to do.
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2021.12.02 19:21 Kitttyrinaa Sudden kidney failure of a 3 year old cat...

I have two baby bois that I hold very dear to my heart Loki(8) and Thor(3) I've treated, love, and we all live the same since we got Thor...
On Sunday I had to take Thor to the Emergency vet and after bloodwork was done he had acute kidney failure. We went down the list of what he could be exposed to like antifreeze; he's an indoor cat and the only anti freeze I've ever bought has been only in the trunk of my car; or lilies; there's none in the home; or Tylenol; I took some 3 weeks ago for an ear infection but theres been no pills laying around and I've would noticed serious symptoms in 48-72 hours since having it out and putting back in my top cabinet.
A little over a week before Sunday, when I brought him in, I notice that he had lost quite a bit of weight but no other symptoms. For two weeks I noticed a loss of appetite gradually increasing but he was still lovable and chatty as usual. With two cats it's hard to tell what urinary patterns he had and for how long. After Thanksgiving he got extremely lethargic and loss his balance and I had an appointment for him when the usual vet was open on Monday but still went to the ER on Sunday. Today is Thursday and after 12hrs of ER and 4 days in the Cat Clinic he's shown little improvement... Blood levels on Tuesday shown Creatine and some other levels have lowered slightly but Phosphorus has actually gone up but no fluid build up or cyst in the kidneys.
The only thing I have in my house I'm aware he gotten into is some Chrysanthemums (a flower which contains Pyrethrin which is toxic to cats and is common in flea killer s for dogs) now I was unaware of this before buying these. 2 weeks before I brought him is when he ate between 2-3 flowers less than an inch in size. I didn't notice any immediate reactions like vomiting and with these flowers the are prone to cause more neurological problems like seizures and none of those were present and should've been in at least 72 hours.
I want answers as to why... whether the flowers or freak genetic failure... hes so young I've done all I could do. I've done lots of research and communicating with the vet and there's no sure answer as to which one it could be or why and prognosis outcome. I'm making the decision tomorrow based on how his bloodwork goes to see if I need to say goodbye. I know cats that pull through still need constant kidney support but then have a 1-3 year life expectancy afterwards.
He was such a lively, active, and chatty kitty and doesn't deserve any long term pain for the rest of his Lil kitty life...
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2021.12.02 19:21 darb85 NPD and NID Conklin stylograph medium nib and Monteverde 20th Anniversary Innova Carbon fiber Rainbow broad nib. Inked the Innova with diamine Monaco red and the Conklin with van dieman's underwater series abyss. Trying to practice my penmanship at work.

NPD and NID Conklin stylograph medium nib and Monteverde 20th Anniversary Innova Carbon fiber Rainbow broad nib. Inked the Innova with diamine Monaco red and the Conklin with van dieman's underwater series abyss. Trying to practice my penmanship at work. submitted by darb85 to fountainpens [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 19:21 WriteLetsGoThen A cool little thing I love about fanfiction

…when authors casually drop in a (seemingly) insignificant detail where a character mentions a book or a film or music and I think “hm, I might check that out…” (because I’m enjoying the fic so why not?) and honestly, it’s like getting more free stuff.
Like, not only am I getting this amazing content from my fandoms, but I’m also inadvertently getting recs for things I might never have encountered had it not been for these fic writers.
So yeah, I’m into it. Keep it up 👍🏻
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2021.12.02 19:21 AutoNewspaperAdmin [CA] - Waterloo Region advocacy group opposes proposed police budget increase | Toronto Star

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2021.12.02 19:21 swash018 I wish Corruption Cards were More Descriptive

I know we don't really bring this up much, in fact I don't think I have ever seen a post about it. However, one of my things on the wishlist about this game is "More Descriptive Corruption cards"
After playing for as long as I have now, I know most of this stuff now, but I do remember how dumb it was that you would get cards like [[The Dark]] or [[Tattlers]] or [[Hunted]] like what do those even mean? Where does The Dark say killing a snitch will ALWAYS trigger a horde.

I just wish it was more descriptive as to what is actually happening in addition the "flavor text"
As a somewhat related note, I also wish they would make map specific "Corruption Cards" known as well. Like how on Nightmare, Bad Seeds triggers an endless horde after the Nests. On Cabins by the Lake you get Endless Reeker Hordes. Heralds of the Worm Part 1 you always have to fight an Ogre. Stuff like that, I feel like they should let you know. My friends and I were pretty frustrated when we lost for the first time on Cabins by the lake (Veteran) where I think we played pretty well, then we just kinda lost because we died to the Reeker Hordes at the very end. It wasn't even something that we couldn't have played around or set up a strategy to handle, but we tried to survive the first horde (because it just sort of happened) then 10 seconds later another one showed up and we were sort of like "Oh, we just have to run?"
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2021.12.02 19:21 hugosantos07 help

hey guys, I just got the explorers kit and i’m doing the old man quest, he finally asked me to find another secret base. my question is: is it only possible to find another secret base if you go online? I don’t have NSO. and if that’s the case, what would I lose if I don’t do the quest.
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2021.12.02 19:21 BSF_Bot Patriots-Bills Week Thirteen Injury Report: First Edition — Langi Returns, Eight Pats Limited on Thursday - Sports Illustrated

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2021.12.02 19:21 AutoNewspaperAdmin [CA] - City of Kelowna has ‘no sense of urgency’ to deal with racism say Black artists | Toronto Star

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2021.12.02 19:21 roatch32 What would you do

Today someone in a gray valkswagen threw a haribo at me. I see this car alot and when I next see is I am putting a bannana in the guys exhoust pibe. Dont try to tell me don't do it I've made up my mind, but I would like to know what would you reddit people do
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2021.12.02 19:21 XcaarlosX 20 years guy that lives in Brazil, ask me anything!

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2021.12.02 19:21 Livingunderthesky What is your favourite quote from a book?

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2021.12.02 19:21 Itseesyou Oh, Christmas Tree

Never cut your own tree for Christmas...
When I was growing up, our family's favorite holiday tradition was the annual cutting of the Christmas tree! We lived in the country, so there were plenty of trees to choose from that would fit our festive needs. We'd get up at the crack of dawn and drive the snowmobiles around for hours before dad made us stop, cut one down, and load it onto the huge sled dad made for such occasions. After we had it back home and arranged just right, the decorations would commence. My favorite part was stringing up all the popcorn for the tree, at least half of which ended up being eaten in the process.
When I turned sixteen though, a lot of things changed. I was the oldest of two girls. My younger sister Autumn was twelve. We had a younger brother named Ryan at six, and an older brother named Charlie that was nineteen and home from College for the Holidays. As usual, we loaded up onto our snowmobiles and took off into the woods. It took three hours till dad had us all pull over in a part of the woods I’d never been to before. He pointed out the largest Christmas tree I’d ever seen. Mom didn’t think it would fit in our living room, but dad was determined to make it work. Together we cut it down and loaded it on the sled. It took dad hours to trim it down enough to fit through our sliding glass doors into the living room. Once inside it took the entire family just to put it on the base and get it up straight.
We ate lunch before pulling down the decorations and getting started on the tree. I was the first to notice the strange symbols that had been carved near the base. When I pointed it out, dad said there was nothing to worry about. They looked so strange and alluring to me, not something I would soon forget. We were beyond exhausted come bedtime, and I fell asleep the moment my head hit the pillow.
The next morning was met with confusion and unease in my family. Someone had broken in and destroyed all the decorations on our tree sometime in the night. The strangest part was, all the doors were locked, and no windows had been busted out. There was an odd addition to the tree. It was Sally's collar, our chow mix. The police confirmed the lack of forced entry and filed a report, but there wasn’t much more they could do. We split up into small groups after they left and combed the neighborhood. Sally was nowhere to be found. I doubt any of us slept well that night, I can say for sure that I didn't. My dreams were plagued with the worst possible outcomes that my unconscious mind could fathom.
The next morning, we were all awakened by my mother's screaming from the living room. I jumped out of bed, tore down the hall and the stairs. I was the first to arrive to her aid. It took a few moments for the scene to piece itself together in my mind, and by the time I had, dad was downstairs sending all of us out of the room. I'll never forget what I saw for as long as I live. There was blood all over that living room floor. On top of the tree where the star had once been, was Sally's head, impale on the thickest branch. I remember running outside and vomiting into the snow, the steam it caused rising to meet me.
My sibling surrounded me in an instant, begging me to tell them what I saw. It wasn't until mom came out sobbing that I felt like I could really breathe again. I'd been saved that unenviable task of describing the scene to my siblings, and I was more than thankful. Mom filled them in as I listened, still shaking outside in the cold. None of us had really prepared for the chilly weather before dad ran us out.
We buried Sally after Charlie and I helped mom and dad get the living room all cleaned up. The police returned for the second time and took a report. Once again, there were no signs of forced entry.
No one spoke much for the rest of the day. Half of our old ornaments had been salvageable with a little tender love and care, which took us through the evening. We re-decorated the entire tree, popcorn strands and all. We all went to bed physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted.
I woke up in the middle of the night. According to my alarm clock, it was only 3 am. I was so cold, I could see my breath. I heard strange and disturbing sounds coming from downstairs. Deep whispered voices, and what sounded like the breaking of bulbs. I pulled myself out of bed slowly, tired but curious. I carefully snuck down the stairs. With each step-down, the sounds grew louder. The deep whispering was in a language that sounded like utter gibberish to me. When I hit the bottom step it creaked loudly, bringing the whole room to an uncomfortable silence. I was absolutely terrified, afraid to continue down the steps or move back up them. I waited quietly for a few minutes, which felt like an eternity in the darkness.
Nothing else happened, so I continued into the living room. A quick glance revealed that the decorations on the tree had been destroyed again. Unlike last time, however, a thick aroma of rotten eggs permeated the room. For the briefest of moments, I could see two bright red lights from deep within the tree before blinking out. I ran up the steps to my parents' room and woke the whole house up pounding on their door and shrieking.
The next day, Dad decided we would put the outside decorations up. for the day and take a break on the tree. He said that maybe if we didn't decorate it, nothing bad would happen. It seemed like solid logic, so we spent the day outdoors getting our display together. We had a family bonfire that night. It was cold, but, “nothing a good fire can couldn't cure,” he said. He and Charlie took turns cutting wood, while Autumn and I stacked it in piles. As I was stacking, I couldn't help but notice the chunk dad had cut from our Christmas tree. It was covered in peculiar symbols like the ones I found before. I moved the chunk of wood behind the shed till I could get a better look at it the next day.
That bonfire was just what my family needed to relax. It was the first time we'd joked around since Sally died and all the strange things had started happening. We blissfully recalled past Holiday seasons while we warmed ourselves by the fire with some hot chocolate. It was a nice end to a long day. I fooled myself into believing that maybe things were getting back to normal. I couldn't have been farther from the truth.
The next morning, everything seemed fine. We all sat in the kitchen and had a nice big breakfast. It was a quiet morning, but that wasn't entirely unusual. We weren't doing anything till that evening so we all had the day to ourselves. Charlie cornered me after breakfast and asked me to take a walk with him.
“I need to ask you something without you thinking I'm completely insane,” he said, breaking the silence about five minutes into the walk. I rose a brow at him, this wasn't like him at all. “You have my word.” He looked around a little nervously before his eyes settled upon me once again. “Have you been hearing or seeing anything...strange....lately?”
I felt my heartbeat just a little faster. “What kind of strange?” He spoke softly and trudged on. “I've noticed some weird things lately. I woke up freezing in the middle of the night. I could swear I heard the strangest sounds coming from downstairs.” I felt both relieved and terrified. I wasn’t going insane after all, but he heard it too, so it had to be real. Charlie pressed on. “I caught mom spraying a ton of air freshener when I came down this morning. Could've sworn I smelled rotten eggs on the stairway.”
I broke down and told him everything I'd experienced lately. He stood there quietly for a while before talking again. “So, who do you think is trashing the house?” I shrugged. “I honestly have no clue, I was hoping that maybe you did.” Charlie shook his head. “The police keep saying there's no sign of forced entry, could if be one of us? I know how fucked up that sounds, but I don't know how else to explain it.” I recoiled and launched a verbal assault on him. “Holy shit Charlie! We all loved Sally! I refuse to believe any of us would do something like that!” I followed that up with a solid punch to his shoulder.
He shook it off and kept going. “Then how else do you explain it?” I considered that briefly before responding. “I can't, but there's just no way it was one of us. No fucking way!” He eyed me cautiously. “Have you noticed that all of this started when we put the tree up?”
That got me thinking about the strange symbols I'd seen. I lead him back behind the shed, to the chunk of wood I stashed there the night before. He knelt to look at it and looked up at me. “And you say you saw stuff just like this on the trunk for the tree in the house?” I nodded, and we went inside so I could show him. Charlie grabbed his digital camera and we started documenting the symbols. I also showed him the symbols on that discarded chunk of wood I hid behind the shed. Afterward, we went up to his room and uploaded the pictures to his laptop. We took turns trying to match the symbols to anything we could find on the internet. It took a while, but we found some promising leads.
We figured out that the symbols were of Norse descent and were able to match up a few right off the bat. There were symbols for Yule, Entrapment, Protection, and as far as we could tell devil or demon. There was some sort of script we didn't recognize. Charlie had a friend that was a language major, so he sent the pictures to him for some clarification. We decided to keep our findings to ourselves for now.
That evening we all piled into the family station wagon and began our annual trek throughout our small town and beyond to scope out the Christmas lights. Just like every year before it, my mother had prepared thermoses of hot chocolate to keep us warm and toasty during the adventure. A few times, I thought I heard dad mutter something about needing more lights on our house, which made me smile.
Our journey took around four hours or so, and by the end of it, we were all thankful to be in our beds. We'd scarfed down fast food while we were out, and I quickly succumbed to a food coma.
When three o'clock came around I can't say I was surprised to be awakened by those strange sounds coming from downstairs, or the stark chill that clung in the air. I slowly sat up and wiped the sleep from my eyes. I found Charlie in the hallway just about to knock on my door as I opened it. “Should we check it out?” he whispered to me. I wasn't entirely sure if that was the best idea, but there was safety in numbers as they say. I nodded gently and together we crept towards the staircase. Like before, the sounds grew louder the farther down those stairs we went. We briefly paused as we neared the lower landing. He held three fingers up, slowly counting them down. I knew that when all of his digits had lowered, we'd round that corner and finally have some answers.
Some sort of creature stood there as if it had been waiting to greet us. It was vaguely human-shaped and stood four feet tall if it were an inch. Thick coarse fur covered most of its otherwise naked form. The visible flesh appeared sickly white and bloated. Its eyes were a burning crimson that I could feel searing deeply into me. In its grubby, four-fingered, left hand was a long thick hook. I tore my eyes from it, long enough to glance at the thing's cloven hooves and what lay beneath them. There on the floor, broken and torn asunder, was what remained of our elderly neighbor Ms. Underhill. A look of sheer terror was frozen on her ruined face. With a floor-shaking growl, it forced itself into the tree. That hook snagged the corpse of Ms. Underhill, and drug her in behind it.
We stood there staring at the tree, mouths agape. I could hear a far-off sound in the distance getting closer and louder till it overwhelmed me. That's when I realized I was screaming. My brother grabbed me and pulled me back up the stairs as quickly as our failing limbs would allow. I was still screaming when our parents met us at the top of the steps, turning on the bright lights of the hallway. Charlie and I barely managed to tell dad what we saw.
Dad never found any evidence downstairs and decided we all just needed a good night’s rest. Numb with fear, we just nodded our heads and agreed with him. All of us kids spent the night on the floor in mom and dad’s room, and the next day dad booked a couple of hotel rooms for a little Christmas getaway.
Charlie and I opted to share a room to ourselves since we were older, and everyone else shared a two-room suite. Charlie decided to bring along his laptop, and I'm thankful that he did. When we got settled into our room, he booted it up and checked his e-mail. Sure enough, his friend had already left us a response. The e-mail made it seem like the guy was almost excited by the find. We scrolled through his declarations about how significant it was, on our way to the more pertinent information. According to him, the text was Icelandic in nature. It told an ancient story. about thirteen beings known as the Yule Lads. They were vicious little trolls who only came down from the mountains before Yule to steal food and torment people. In 1746, The Yule Lads were somehow magically sealed inside oak saplings and shipped off to be planted in various corners of the world. The government stepped in and put a ban on using the Lads as an intimidation tactic to keep children from being naughty during Yule.
Based on the symbols we sent him, Charlie’s friend believed the owner of our tree was a Yule Lad named Meat Hook. He's said to follow his tree wherever it travels once cut and pop out with his meat hook to snare and devour any meat that passes by. If hungry enough, he will venture outside of his tree to tend his insatiable appetite. He included instructions to reach out to a coven in our area, with a contact number. They were expecting our call and would advise us from there.
My brother set the laptop on the bed and sighed heavily. He stood and began to pace. “Do we even believe that something like this is possible?” he asked skeptically. “Of course, we do Charlie! We both saw the thing in the tree!” I replied indignantly. Charlie eventually relented. “I suppose you're right but…” I didn’t let him finish his sentence. “We have to call the number Charlie. It sounds like these people know what to do. The longer we wait, the more likely something or someone else is going to be killed by this thing.”
Charlie reluctantly grabbed his cell phone and quickly dialed. His pacing stopped when his call was answered. “Hello, this is Charlie McKinnon. I was given this number by a friend who...” He trailed off. I was just close enough to hear that he'd been interrupted by someone speaking very quickly. “Understood. How soon can we meet?” He paused for a response before continuing. “Yes, tonight is perfect. We're at the Holiday Inn off I-70. How soon can you be here?” Another quick pause before his response came. “Sounds good, see you soon.” He dropped his cell on the bed and glanced over at me. “Apparently a few of them are in the area. We can expect them to show up in the next half hour or so.”
I was feeling overwhelmed. I just couldn't imagine this happening outside of a bad Christmas horror movie. We'd only just seen the thing, read the e-mail, and now suddenly people were coming to talk to us? We killed some time awkwardly playing some cards. A half-hour later on the dot, there was a knock at the door. Charlie hopped off the bed and opened it. There was a man and a woman in their thirties standing there. The man spoke quickly. “Are you Charlie McKinnon?” Charlie answered and offered a hand. “Sure am, and this is my sister Christine” I moved to shake hands as well. The man introduced himself and the woman with him. “My name is Hugo Montebury, and this is my wife Eileen.” Eileen smiled. “It's great to meet you despite these terrible circumstances.”
Charlie motioned them inside quickly and Hugo closed the door behind them. They each took a chair around the small table in the room across from the bed where Charlie and I sat. Charlie dove right into the conversation. “I have no idea how to begin. I'm still not sure how much of this I believe.”
I nodded in agreement before Hugo replied. “Trust me when I say that I know exactly how you feel. I was about your age when I first learned about Meat Hook and the Yule Lads. My family and I have been keeping him sealed up for fifteen years now.”
Eileen’s smile never dropped as she added, “It's a little hard to digest, I know, but please bear with us. Did your friend fill you in on the basics?” She continued after we'd both nodded. “Good, that will make all of this just a little bit easier.”
Hugo resumed control of the conversation. “Now that you're somewhat up to speed, how about catching us up with your end things?” Since I'd noticed the symbol first, I told them everything that had happened so far, starting from the moment we cut down that damn tree in the first place. They were silent throughout, only taking their attention from us to occasionally cast knowing glances between themselves. As soon as I finished, Hugo was already talking.
“In over two hundred and fifty years, this is the first time one of the trees has ever been cut down. This will be no easy task. The first thing we must do is find a new tree to trap him in. Luckily, we know of such a tree much deeper in the forest. We hold circles there from time to time. What I'm going to need is a token from the tree, to act as a sort of receptacle to transport meat hook.” Charlie and I looked at one another worriedly before he posed a question. “Once we that, what do we do next?” Hugo answered easily. “It takes four people to call the four elements, so we'll be asking the two of you to accompany us”
I eyed the man suspiciously “I'm not sure I feel comfortable doing that.” Eileen was quick to assuage my fears. “I won't lie, this is going to be difficult. Unfortunately, since you've both seen him, we can't do this without you.” Charlie stepped in. “What exactly will we be required to do?” Hugo looked grave. “Well, for starters, we'll have to enter the tree.”
Charlie’s eyes grew wide at that. “What do you mean, enter the tree?” Eileen turned her radiant smile on him. “There is a world within the tree, Meat hook's private domain.” I gasped, startled by that information. “What do we do once we're inside?”
Hugo’s haunted eyes gazed in my direction. “Then you help us cast the circle and invite the Guardians of the Watchtowers to witness our workings. It's standard procedure for holding a circle. Eileen and I will be doing the brunt of the work. There will be some words we'll ask you to say, but it will all be written out for you.”
I felt a little better knowing that they'd be doing most of the work, but I still had questions. “What happens after that part is done?” Eileen moved to sit next to me on the bed. She placed a hand on my shoulder and spoke softly. “That's the most difficult part of all. We have to offer it something it wants, a bait of some sort. When he's close enough we'll grab him and lock him inside the receptacle.”
Charlie scoffed at that. “You're making it sound easy. Does he just go into the receptacle? Just like that?”
Hugo shook his head. “No, it takes time. Any number of things can go wrong. If we remain inside the circle, we should be protected.”
Eileen was making me feel at ease. Somehow her touch made me feel like everything just might be okay. She started speaking again. “Once he's inside the receptacle, we'll take him to his new home. With any luck, he'll stay there permanently.” Charlie furrowed his brows. “How can we be sure that no one will find it?” Hugo shrugged. “That's the thing. We'll have to keep tabs on it. Which means occasional visits and the annual carving of the symbols every year during the first three days of Yule.”
That made me curious. “And that's something the two of you will take care of?” Eileen nodded and squeezed my shoulder again gently. “Yes, you won't have to worry about it ever again. Our coven will take care of everything.”
While all of this was still a bit overwhelming, a big part of me knew that it was the right thing to do. I felt responsible for this, and I could tell Charlie did too. We were the ones that cut down the tree after all. We parted ways soon after that, with plans to meet up at the house the next night. Since our family was staying at the hotel for the whole weekend, that gave us plenty of time to handle things. Charlie and I barely slept that night. We were both terrified and kept trying to make plans for anything that might go wrong. The problem with that is, we had no idea what to expect in the first place.
We spent the next day relaxing at the hotel's indoor pool, catching a movie at the local cineplex, and having dinner at a nearby restaurant. Charlie and I were quiet for the most part. I think we were just relishing one potentially last day with our family.
At midnight, Charlie and I drove up an old gravel drive at the back of our property. We met up with Hugo and Eileen on the back porch. They handed us each a piece of paper with instructions for when the time came. We made our way inside, flipping on a few lights for comfort. As ready as we would ever be, Hugo and Eileen held some of our Christmas tree’s branches open wide to allow Charlie and I to slip easily inside and follow behind us.
The picture I'd had in my head about what this place might look like was completely shattered as I gazed about languidly. What I could see of the floor and the walls seemed alive; covered in quivering flesh, with veins that pulsed harshly. Rotting carcasses and broken bones littered the living floor, with the mangled corpse of Mrs. Underhill as the Piece-DE-resistance. Deep growls permeated the foul-smelling air, echoing all around us.
Hugo kneeled to outline the circle. “This place seems just as good as any,” he said as he worked. Eileen lent him a hand to speed up the process. Charlie and I glanced at one another before our eyes wandered around the macabre world we found ourselves within. The longer it took them to create the circle, the louder the growling became. A few minutes later, Eileen called us into the circle to finish its casting.
Hugo lit the green candle in the north of the circle and spoke loudly. “Guardians of the North, Element of Earth, I call upon thee to be present during this ritual. Please join me now and bless this circle.”
Hugo gestured Charlie to the east. Charlie bent down to light the candle and recite the words on the paper he was given. “Guardians of the East, Element of Air, I call upon thee to be present during this ritual. Please join me now and bless this circle.”
Then it was Eileen's turn. She moved to the South, pausing to light her candle as she completed her portion of the incantation. “Guardians of the South, Element of Fire, I call upon thee to be present during this ritual. Please join me now and bless this circle.”
Finally, it was my turn. I moved West and knelt to light my candle, projecting my words as they had done as I read from the paper. “Guardians of the West, Element of Water, I call upon thee to be present during this ritual. Please join me now and bless this circle.”
Eileen removed a small curved dagger from her belt, pointing it towards the edge of the circle closest to her before spinning clockwise three times. She moved to the center of the circle and raised her face upwards as she shouted clearly. “God and Goddess, Guardian Angels, and Spiritual Guides, please be present with me during this ritual. Bless this circle and keep me protected. No unwanted entities are welcome here. Only pure, divine beings are invited into this space. The circle is cast. So mote it be.”
I could feel a warmth spread deeply inside of me from head to toe. My skin vibrated gently with an unseen power. I stood on the precipice of excitement and terror. Hugo glanced over at me. “Now the circle is complete. It's time for phase two.” Eileen placed an ornately carved oaken triangle in the circle’s center. Inside that, went the largest pine cone I’ve ever seen. Next, we all laid a small ring of flat, smooth, white stones around the triangle. The growling was so loud my ears were throbbing. The soothing power I felt before was slowly becoming a crippling fear. Eileen turned to me and projected her voice above the riotous din. “All together now!”
As one we began the chant, Charlie and I struggling as we read. “Powers of the witches rise, course unseen across the skies. Hear us beckon, hear our plea! Oh, foulest Meat Hook, we summon thee!”
Meat Hook made his presence known by scraping his jagged hook alongside the fleshy wall, tearing it in ragged swipes as he moved. Hideous screams filled the air as blood spurted from it, before healing itself. The cycle began anew at each section the wretched thing passed. There was a wild, dangerous look in his gleaming crimson orbs. He moved into a flat run at the circle but was somehow repelled by the magic within. Hugo yelled out. “Don't stop now!” Together, the chant continued. “By the power of the elements, we bind thee here and now! Never again to be set free, by any means or any how!”
Over and over it attempted to lodge that sinister hook into the invisible force that protected us. Sparks of magic and death shot out in every direction as the screams grew louder. I could barely hear Eileen as she urged us on. “We're nearly there! Keep going!” Together, we resumed chanting once more. “Guardians of the ancient towers grant us now thy sacred powers! To never let this demon free, for such is our will so mote it be!”
Meat Hook arched his back and quivered. His pasty, hairy flesh grew large and bulbous. Suddenly the little troll exploded with a fountain of bone and viscera, every drop and piece absorbed into the pine cone. Eileen put it in a pouch and ushered us all towards the exit. The walls were growing inward now, the magic keeping it together failing. A gurgling squish echoed through the living room as we exited that other world. We all turned to watch the entryway close for what we hoped was forever. We thanked them for everything they'd done for us and parted ways. Charlie and I made it back to the hotel and quickly snuck back into our hotel room. We passed out in minutes.
A few days later we were back at the house. We spent that first day cleaning up the living room and finally decorating our now benign Christmas tree. As far as I know, the death of Ms. Underhill is still an open case in the county. Charlie and I never spoke about it again,
Many years have passed since then. Recently I received an odd package in the mail. Attached to the package was a note written in handwriting that I didn't readily recognize. The note informed me that Eileen and Hugo had both passed away in some sort of freak accident. They left implicit instructions that this box is passed on to me in the event of their deaths. I tore it open and found a large oak-hinged box inside. Inside that box was an ancient book, a familiar curved dagger, and s several-page long letter from Eileen. Through a series of strange events, everyone in the coven had passed away since Meat Hook was transferred into the tree. She and Hugo were the only ones left, but since I was reading this that meant that they were likely dead as well. Charlie and I were now the only ones left in the area that knew the terrible secret of the Yule Lads.
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