[Op-Ed] - Dr. Oz quacks the code of Republican politics | Chicago Sun-Times

2021.12.02 19:52 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Dr. Oz quacks the code of Republican politics | Chicago Sun-Times

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2021.12.02 19:52 NUFC2PG How do OG/Siakam/Barnes fit long term

We obviously need a real center but when we get one, one of em gotta go to the bench. So all 3 cant co exist
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2021.12.02 19:52 CuteCrip Never in my life have i felt more targeted by a meme.

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2021.12.02 19:52 DannyFain1998 Chapter 12

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2021.12.02 19:52 yanjingzz Don't make margarita with me or my son again

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2021.12.02 19:52 Trixie0 Thoughts on chapter 217

  1. Well, I knew that neither Yona nor the dragons would look for Hak. In my opinion her saying she would look for Hak later is much worse because it does show that Hak will always come second. This arc tried to make it seem that without Yona or the dragons the war couldn’t be won and the kingdom couldn’t function properly without Yona which is absolute nonsense and just feels forced and is consistent with sensei’ s tendency to force “Yona the great” in the story, on the plot and on the characters. All the tribes are ready to fight Kai but they couldn’t spare a man or two to look for Hak? I think Jae-ha and Shin-ah could’ve gone to look for him, Hak needs help NOW. Not after the war is done, a war that could take weeks or months. Either way if the situation was reversed, Hak wouldn’t rest until he found whoever was lost. He would definitely find a way to look for them immediately. But as I said previously the fact that the dragons went back to the castle and gave up the search and the fact that Yona didn’t decide to search for Hak immediately or tell the wind tribe, made it clear that the Hak’s issue would be postponed. And I knew that they wouldn’t suffer any backlash from the wind tribe since there is never any consequences for Yona or her group but part of me really hoped that we would see the wind tribe confront Yona and the dragons and set them straight about how Hak is missing and they aren’t lifting a finger to find him but then again I know it’s just wishful thinking. But then again her reaction and the dragons’ is just a normal continuation of the Hak’s mistreatment tendency that has started since the castle arc ( Yona didn’t try to negotiate a better position for Hak when he was denied access to the castle, Jae-ha left him alone in the castle and he got attacked by Hyoori, he was jailed and not one of them made an attempt to set him free and Hak only demands were “let the princess see the dragons” and let me fight, when he was heavily injured Yun didn’t even contemplate using some of the medicine on him) and so what’s happening does makes sense but it’s still aggravating to see it unfold.
  2. Funny how Yona’s main goal was to “take up weapons to protect Hak” funny how she went to the castle to protect her group but when push comes to shove, she isn’t there for Hak, now that he needs help and saving she is doing nothing. If at least she was contemplating how to divide the group so part of it stays on the battlefield and the other looks for Hak but no, she will look for him after the war and I recall how shaken she was when Soojin rebelled because she thought SW was in danger and how she immediately took her bow and her group to go SAVE SUWON but when Hak is the one missing, she will wait until the war is over, this is not fair.
  3. Jae-ha has been a total disappointment for me in this arc. It started when he left Hak alone and now it continues with him feeling jealous over Suwon, are you serious ? So, Hak is missing and unaccounted for and he is jealous because Yona cried in front of Suwon? I also think Yona should’ve discussed the matter with the dragons and cried in front of them but come on ? This is what is hurting him, that Yona cried in front of SW ? Not Hak missing for over a week? I’m so disappointed with Jae-ha. But also why is he surprised ? they are a group that doesn’t talk with each other, they have no communication at all. It’s usually the group putting Yona on a pedestal and that’s it. Not one of them tells her things she needs to hear, and she shares nothing with them. We get all that talk about how they are her new family but when did they ever behave like a true family? When did they have a real heart to heart ? When did anyone ever confront Yona or when did she ever share with them delicate information? She calls the shots and they follow. If you can excuse Yona and the dragons’ lack of action when Hak was jailed because they knew where he was but now he is badly injured, drowned and missing and they did NOTHING but after the war they will ? Are you kidding me ? I will say this again Yona and her dragons couldn’t send two people to go look for Hak? They all need to be on the frontline when Kouka has all of its armies fighting? Yona choose to stay and support Suwon instead of looking for Hak. This is her choice, even when Hak is in danger and she doesn’t know his whereabouts she choose SW over him. The dragons choose to stay with her instead of diving the group into two; one would say with Yona the other would look for Hak but they DIDN’T. They don’t deserve Hak not one bit.
  4. It was so obvious that Suwon’s disease and his health taking a turn for the worse was just to set the stage for Yona to take his place and to have an excuse to stand with him on the battlefield. Just like Hak being sidelined by Keishuk and him being washed away is just a way to set the stage for general Yona. Either way it sucks because Yona doesn’t have the leadership needed to lead the army, she has the dragons and the red hair but she doesn’t have the skills or the development needed to be a leader. But I’m almost certain that she will start coming up with strategies out of nowhere, giving speeches, fighting on the frontlines as if she did that all her life and of course Kusa will continue to push the idea of the “power couple” even further.
  5. I knew from the moment the dragons didn’t care when Hak was in jail that they wouldn’t look for Hak but seeing all of them just go along with the war and not one of them saying they will go look for Hak NOW while others protect Yona is a reminder that no matter how much they bonded with Hak, he will never be a priority to them.
  6. Sigh…. Bloody,beaten and badly injured and what does he think of “ I can’t go back without the magic medicine” this irks me so much because a) everyone including Yona thinks that Hak hates Suwon, that he won’t forgive him yada yada and no one, not one of them sees how far he has come and to what length he is willing to go even for someone like Suwon, someone who betrayed his trust and broke his heart. B) I’m tried of seeing Hak be so selfless and put everyone before him, only for those around him to not do the same. This is why I hoped that he would eventually leave and return to the wind tribe or go on his own journey. I’m sick of seeing him risking life and limb for people who do not deserve his loyalty. I’m also disappointed because I thought Ran would be the one to find him and we would get Hak in the Kai royal court and Ran trying to recruit him while Hak plays double agent to gather intel on the inside. But seeing that he was rescued by a woman and a child, I think we might get some cheap drama like Yona getting jealous or whatever. I wanted Hak interacting with Ran and other Kai generals but I think it will be the usual “ I need to get back to her side” . I also want to see him interact with the Kai generals because I believe these dudes would actually value Hak’s strength and his might as a warrior. I mean the simple fact that no one on the Kouka' side, not one of them even thought “we need Hak in this war” is just really sad because none of them values his strength and worth and what he brings to the table and that he is a key factor in their military. I at least have a tiny bit of hope that at some point they find themselves so overwhelmed by Kai, they will regret not having Hak by their side. No matter how many times Hak saved his kingdom, he will never get the respect he deserves. Yona only needs her red hair and her dragons to be the "unifier " of the kingdom.
  7. Suwon was the best part of the chapter. I always loved how Suwon did his best to never show any weakness or any feelings, always hiding behind his poker face and bubbly personality so everytime his façade breaksdown, I’m here for it and this chapter was the best by far. We see how Suwon compartmentalize his feelings and how at long last, pandora’s box has been opened. How he is probably at a point where he can’t control his feelings and I love it. For someone who likes to be in control and makes sure to never display any weakness, seeing that he might’ve reached a point where he can no longer play pretend or deny the feelings that were always there is amazing to see. What I really hope will happen is next time he sees Hak he will go see him and actually talk to him since we know that Hak is ready but no one would let him near Suwon, SW needs to take the first step since it’s him who broke their friendship.
  8. So since Val is coming to get Mei Nyan, there will be no confrontation with Yona or the dragons since they are going to the frontline. I think Yun will be kidnapped by Kai since Mei might want him with her. Pretty sure they will go running if Yun is being held in Kai, they would go in to save him without thinking. Either way if they at least burn down the castle it would be great, instead of Kouka and Yona winning all the time. If they suffer just a bit of damage that would be cool and if Val could kill Keishuk in the process or burn him alive just like his master Yuhon burned all the priests it would be perfect.
  9. “yona and the dragons the unifiers of Kouka kingdom” has got to be the most aggravating thing I have ever read. So what exactly did they do to unify the country ? It’s one thing if having four supernatural beings fight alongside the army will could lift the morale but now they are unifying the country ? Where is this coming from???? The one who worked towards unification is Suwon, the one who fought the hardest for the country was Hak but now Yona and the dragons are the unifiers of the country, sure.
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2021.12.02 19:52 LeoTheLionPeek Rotten tomatoes tank of the Bond films

Just some of my take aways
Top 3 are all Connery films
Top 5 are all Connery and Craig
40% of the top 10 are Connery
30% of the top 10 are Craig
Despite playing Bond the most times, Moore only has one film in the top 10 (the same as Lazenby) and the Bottom 3 films are all Moore's
Dalton's outings fall just short of the top 10 but still rank relatively well in the mid 70's
The bulk of Brosnan's films are in the bottom and with scores in the 50's (I found this odd. Particularly ranking TWINE lower than DAD)
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2021.12.02 19:52 jackstrawnyc Shadow dreams

What’s your take on dreams with shadow figures that have a warm and cozy collegial vibe?
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2021.12.02 19:52 dannylenwinn Gov. Kathy Hochul signs legislation designed to cut red tape between agencies and small businesses.

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2021.12.02 19:52 BlackPillSurrender 20M[Chat]Thats me in my profile pic. Are you scared or excited for the future?

I’m not sure what life is gonna be like for me. It’s fun to contemplate on those sort of things tho while listening to sad music lol. Message me if you feel lost because chances are I feel very similar. I’m from Tennessee in the US. I don’t mind talking to anyone. I assume a lot of my problems are unique but maybe they’re not. I try to play guitar, but you’re probably better. Music is a big passion of mine however, I’m not capable making it good lol. I love movies of all sorts. I could say some more cliche things but me and you already know them. I’m very sarcastic so be prepared. Tell me your dreams. I’ve always had a hard time relating to conformists. If life goes right for me in the next few years, you won’t see me on Reddit, you’ll see me on TV. I’m a Dreamer but I wont change. I’m supposed to be in class right now, however, I’m next to a river listening to music wishing I was anything but ordinary.
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2021.12.02 19:52 culo_de_mono He was bragging about his brand new RS4...

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2021.12.02 19:52 AleKzito What to expect from the upcoming GME's Q3 Earnings & How to value The Stonk using only fundamental analysis - STEP TWO

What to expect from the upcoming GME's Q3 Earnings & How to value The Stonk using only fundamental analysis - STEP TWO If you want to check the STEP ONE click here

Step Two: Understand the Company and its Business Model This is an extension of the phrase “don’t invest in something you don’t understand”. The same goes for individual stocks, it’s probably not a good idea to invest in a company if you don’t even know what they do.
How much do I need to know?
The more the better! There’s the old saying that you should be able to pitch the business to Warren Buffet in a 30-second elevator ride. Or the classic line by Peter Lynch “Never invest in an idea you can’t illustrate with a crayon.”. That’s right, a delicious and juicy crayon.

Generic Overview
Studying the about-page of some stonks have helped me a lot
We will compare GME to its direct competitors to see how they compare. To do this we are going to compare GME’s fundamentals against its competitors. If the competitors are better, then why not consider investing in them instead?
Does the company have any competitive advantage? Do they have an economic moat?
In business, I look for economic castles protected by unbreachable moats“- Warren Buffett
A true autist should study the five types of economic moats according to the Prophet guys:
  • Low-cost production: Companies that can keep their prices low can maintain market share and discourage competition.
  • High switching costs: Customers and suppliers might be less likely to change companies or providers if the move will incur monetary costs, time delays, or extra effort. e.g., banks and power providers.
  • Network effects: network effect happens when the “value of a good or service grows” as it’s used by existing and new customers e.g., Amazon is an excellent example.
  • Intangible assets: Brand identity, patents, and government licenses are examples of intangible assets. e.g., think Nike or Coca-Cola as an excellent brand and think of the government regulation surrounding gamble and the moat this creates for gambling companies.
  • Efficient scale. Companies that have a natural monopoly – or operate in markets or industries where there are few rivals.
Again, is just as a matter of doing not only GME’s DD but to study its competitors DD:
I won’t do the Competitors "moats" in here. Otherwise this will be lengthy and will certainly distort the true purpose of this post.
GME Competitors
Price History chart
I don’t know why I really bother:
Stonks only go up
Just keep track of the current macro and micro trends that could have affected the price so far:
My favorite one is this
Insider Ownership and Management
Management can be broken down into two sections: Insider Ownership and Management Experience.
Is management buying or selling large amounts of shares? Sudden large selling by management for no apparent reason may hint that management believes the company is overvalued or peaked at that point in time.
Management Experience
Consider educational and professional backgrounds. One of the most important factors is their experience in the industry. Their reputation is also key. What goals has the management set out for the company? Have the leaders had successful projects in the past, or did they fail?
At this point, there are a lot of posts discussing the current Management, who are they and its past history (Ex Amazon, Chewy, Google and so on) so I´m not going to bother to discuss it further, looks very bullish to me.
This Management Excel Sheet is really cool, helpful and thorough
Insider Ownership
We generally like companies with large insider ownership. This is big for small-cap companies. Skin in the game helps ensure the management’s motives are in line with ours. I like small-cap stocks with ~30% insider ownership and a history of owners buying on market. For large-cap companies’ insider ownership will be lower, 3-5% would be decent in this case.
GME's Insider Ownership breakdown - 41 million shares is what I want to be DRSed, or it is lee? Let's find out
What we know is that GME’s Insiders haven’t sold a single share since June. If this is not a good sign, then…
Insider Trading Volume - As far as I can tell NOT A SINGLE ONE has sold shit since June
It is also important to have a look at the compensation of the management. Good leaders are priceless, however, if management is being paid exorbitant fees for poor performance, then maybe they’re taking advantage of the company. Therefore, we are a big fan of performance-based compensation.
Recent Insider Transactions and a warning footnote saying that GME's shares were diluted in the past
And, please, let’s also not forget about the number of shares that are within ETFs. Even though we have it was already covered in Superstonk several times:
93 ETF's hold GME and 6.4 million of shares are held in there (It is less to be DRSed from the 41 million?
The full ETF list that contains GME
In case you need its details, please, feel free
DFV is missing within the top 18th Shareholders list? It is a pity that they do not come out more - Another question, if George Sherman did not believe in MOASS he would've sold out long time ago, right?

Future Industry Outlook and Disruption
It may be about the development of the internet and the impact this has had on e-commerce and standard brick-and-mortar stores. It may be about the new NFT paradigms and its about-to-be Marketplace. It may be about new Business Models for GME yet to be discovered. Memba, the disruption of Blockbuster by online streaming platforms. Memba, Toys R Us.
If you’re holding The stonk for the long term, does it stand the possibility of regulation or disruption? (i.e. such as the NFT future marketplace and/or any other crypto brand acquisition) Would a Short Squeeze change your reasons to stop investing in this great Company? How the cancellation of this event (Aka MOASS) would affect your holdings? Have you considered this in your stock DD? Can you hold this investment without selling a single share in the long run? (Let´s say a 5-year period.
In order to analyze GME's future Outlook and Disruption Business Models, just pay a visit to other magnificent posts here in Superstonk as it is evolving its Technology business mindset throughout e-commerce.

Ok, so I must finish this post in here due to its characters limit and maximum images.
See you in Step Three.
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2021.12.02 19:52 johnnydubois_ This should have been the definitive cover Art. #BreathofFireIII

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2021.12.02 19:52 Jy-728 Before Napster & Spotify..

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2021.12.02 19:52 BuyHigh_SellLooow Greedy

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2021.12.02 19:52 Jamessimiyu2011 TOP-RATED WRITER

Are you stuck with your academic essay? Worry no more as I understand:

I will deliver top-notch services on:
📚 Online courses
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Motto-Quality writing is the number one priority.
Negotiable price of $15 a page! [Email:tabstabuche24@gmail.com](mailto:Email:tabstabuche24@gmail.com). Discord#Jamessimiyu2011#4687
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2021.12.02 19:52 ananinymous I hate Zola.

She’s literally so annoying. I know that she isn’t on the show a lot, but when she is..I just wanna kick her in the face. First of all…she acts like she knew Derek…she was like three when he died. I don’t remember my parents when I was three. Second of all..she’s just so cocky. It’s like she thinks that she’s the smartest just because her mom is a surgeon. She isn’t even really related to Meredith, so she probably isn’t even as smart as she thinks. Zola will probably not even become a surgeon..and if she does..she’s not gonna be a good one. I don’t know how Meredith is able to deal with her. If I was her…I would’ve put her back up for adoption a long time ago.
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2021.12.02 19:52 kelvin-_-040 Follow for follow and likes

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2021.12.02 19:52 Gnome_Sane The Personal Pronoun Compass

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2021.12.02 19:52 DigitalNomadKate One of her “girlies” responding to her BS posts claiming god spoke to her. It’s long and slightly ridiculous but it’s also a serve ✨

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2021.12.02 19:52 buttaknives "Firey Orange Orbs" parallels and insights

Upon reading the "Italy UFO sightings" Wikipedia page, the most antiquitous reports describe "Globes of Fire" aka "Flaming Shields" near Rome 100BC-42BC. Similarly, in the 1940's WW2 pilots from both allied and axis forces documented unknown fireballs. Dubbed "Foo Fighters" and "Kraut Fireballs", these mysterious "Orange Orbs" were purported to be enemy tech of each nation involved. No resolution was made of these "Firey Orbs".
In Idaho, July 2001, I experienced a "Firey Orange Orb" that dwarfed any full moon I've seen since. Initially, I was shocked at the magnitude and plasma characteristics of this strange moon. I then realized the giant burning sphere was slowly & silently crossing over my neighborhood. It seemed to sit somewhere over trees but under mountains and kept a fixed vector never changing altitude.
I struggled to get resolution on the encounter. I couldn't find examples of meteors or bolides maintaining such a perfect sphere with no tail or breakup and travel so slowly and at a fixed altitude parallel to the rooftops. Ball lightning could possibly create a similar phenomenon but this occurred on a clear night of stargazing. Finally I was able to find perfect descriptions of my sighting through the National UFO Reporting Center. I found five similar "Orange Orb" reports from my small area and thousands of these "Firey Orbs" have been reported in Idaho alone. This was comforting to find I was not alone in a experiencing these unexplainable globes of energy.
Are "Firey Orbs" a kind of reconnaissance drone for larger crafts? Could some "Orange Orbs" be an energy field that appears when a gravitic craft operates? Are some orbs the fingerprint of a wormhole and would that be the shadow of higher dimensions? Are "Firey Orbs" more metaphysical or spiritual as thought in the "Will O the Wisp" phenomenon? Plenty of video evidence exists on YouTube. It's fortunate to have the first hand evidence needed to realize there is substance to these claims. However, it may not catch on until everyone has seen it for themselves.
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2021.12.02 19:52 Expensive-Ad1633 Champion Madden. Fanasy Draft at 6:15 est today. Only a few teams left so join fast. 48 hour advance sim league. https://discord.gg/QANga4SG

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2021.12.02 19:52 TLynnGray GREAT URBAN POETRY

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2021.12.02 19:52 Bernard_Ebbers98 Tired of chipotle employees on here using abbreviations, slang, and code words

A lot of people who read this reddit are not employees. They are customers. Stop using code words and abbreviations because it sometimes can make the post confusing. dont be lazy, write out the abbreviations or explain code words. easy as 1-2-3
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2021.12.02 19:52 leanderstorm My partner often makes me upset and I'm afraid to be honest about it.

Here's the deal: I (F21) struggle with (quiet) BPD and AvPD, which -for me- me means I'm very sensitive when it comes to relationships. I am deadly afraid when people pick up on this, they might try to use it to their advance and try to manipulate me. This leads to situations where I pretend to not care when someone does or says something I'm not comfortable with/hurts me, afraid to show they actually have an influence on my emotions. I think it is worthy to mention that I absolutely hate this trait of mine and try to harden up by letting these situations happen (and sometimes try to do the healthy thing, but, in all honestly, I often don't).
My boyfriend (M21) is no exception to this fear of mine. On the contrary, it has even gotten worse with him. He is a strong-minded, opinionated guy who absolutely is not afraid to tell it how (he thinks) it is. He also has a bit of an (let's be honest here) superiority complex and rarely changes his mind on things. He is also quite emotional and expressive. Often I can handle these things just fine, as long as they are not directed at me.
You see where this is going?
He is - I think- under the impression that I'm not really that sensitive and can handle him pretty well. In the meantime, he is absolutely gutting me with the stuff he tells me. And mind you, the things he says are not necessarily mean or with bad intentions, but they just hit me where it hurts. It's him giving me little suggestions to dress better or not really taking me serious when I try to open up about my feelings (he assumes I'm doing pretty fine on that department). I can rationally say to myself that it's not a big deal and that I shouldn't look for double meanings in his words, but emotionally it stings and stirs up all kinds of anxiety. I can't cry in front of him (or anyone), so it has happened more than once that I had to swallow back tears or shed a few when he was asleep next to me. I hate that this part of me has so much influence on how I experience this relationship and causing such pathetic situations like this. At the same time, I don't want to completely rule out that those words might have double meanings and that he is actually aware of this part of me and using this. I just can't afford to.
Ideally, I would just open up about this to him and we'll solve it or I break it off. In reality, I am deadly afraid to be so openly sensitive. Apart from the paranoia, I'm afraid he would just find it unattractive and lose interest in me. Or is hurt by the evil image I also have of him in the back of my mind. I know that would crush me and certainly not help with bettering this part of me. It is clear that something needs to happen, but how?
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