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Gambia aiming to boost its once-vibrant tourism industry

The mining industry in Zimbabwe presents significant opportunities for national growth and prosperity. Government's target to take the mining industry to US$12 billion per year by 2023 is noble ... Hyundai’s decision will boost shares in Korean EV component developers, which have been gridlocked by the global automotive semiconductor shortage, industry watchers said. The Korea Exchange (KRX) Autos Index closed at 2210.17 on Dec. 24. Up 3.18%, the car index made the biggest jump of all major industries' indices on the day. The mineral industry of Mozambique plays a significant role in the world's production of aluminium, beryllium, and tantalum. In 2006, Mozambique's share of the world's tantalum mine output amounted to 6%; beryllium, 5%; and aluminium, 2%. Other domestically significant mineral processing operations included cement and natural gas. The Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC) kicked off 2022 with its attention focused squarely on African states where Portuguese is the official language, a group comprising Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe, and Equatorial Guinea that is collectively known by the acronym PALOP. On 5 January, ABC director Ruy Pereira again discussed plans to accelerate ... The economy is recovering and expected to reach pre-crisis levels at the beginning of 2022. Output is projected to rise by 6.9% in 2021, with growth moderating to 4.7% in 2022 and 2.1% in 2023.Consumption is the main driver of growth during the projection period. South Korea has confirmed the details of its export of the Cheongung II medium-range surface-to-air ... 18 January 2022 Hanwha Defense outlines K21-105 offer for the Indian Army AssistEdge,offering world class automation processes software for enterprises to boost employee productivity, improve customer experience and grow engagement. GET IN TOUCH. Automation. ... produced in collaboration with Jaggaer and other industry experts, focuses on how you can implement these new technologies to create business value, speed up ... The solar PV industry produced more than 190GW of modules during 2021, as the industry went through its first major production-led supply cycle, Finlay Colville reveals in exclusive analysis for ... The White House on Monday announced it would allocate $1 billion in funding from the American Rescue Plan to independent meat and poultry producers as part of an effort to boost competition in the ... Securing Industry 4.0: 2022 Cyber Risk in Smart Manufacturing Operations ... Could Boost Hacking ... for instance: A stealer is a Trojan used by threat actors to gather information from its ...

2022.01.25 02:55 vanityofjay29 Gambia aiming to boost its once-vibrant tourism industry

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2022.01.25 02:55 swagNextTuber New Alabama Congressional Map Where Black Representation Nearly Halved Is Nixed by Judges

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2022.01.25 02:55 Thinkinaboutu [S][USA-WA] 4x Sling-style Photo Bags

Hello everyone!
I have a have a few extra sling style camera bags, so here they are up for sale!

Ona bag:
Not sure about the exact model on this one, some googling and it look similar to the Berlin II but not quite it. Either way I think it's a discontinued model. Pretty good condition out side of some minor scratches.
$165 shipped

Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag:
Practically unused, comes with dividers
$140 shipped

Billingham 335 Bag:
I believe this is an older Billingham 335 bag. I've had this bag forever, so it has a bit of wear but looks good for it's age.
$225 Shipped

Domke F2 Black Ripstop Nylon Edition
Basically unused, looks great. I have this bag in another colorway and it's my daily driver
$110 Shipped

Pics/Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/cMLqfLn
Feel free to reach out with any questions or for more photos!
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2022.01.25 02:55 Qpid17 Dry Throat from heaters

We have old baseboard heaters and though we run a humidifier (Tao Tronics). We still end up with a dry throat and gasping for water quite early in the morning.
What do you guys do? And what are we doing wrong?
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2022.01.25 02:55 jessicaalberta Ask if I would be able to get the job offer. What is ur take on this?

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2022.01.25 02:55 ninjakitty47 😏

So, I do still remember the sound of your voice.
I remember those nights of you calling me, your words thick, heavy.. probably too much beer..
Telling me you'd come over in the morning.. Sneak into my room and "surprise me"...
You never did.. You sure liked to tease though.
I hope I catch you in my dreams again tonight.
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2022.01.25 02:55 reddit150302 NHK字幕問題で島田監督に謝罪 会見説明「誤解を与えた」と訂正 | 共同通信

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2022.01.25 02:55 vanityofjay29 Emirates signed agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Public Service, Bahamas

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2022.01.25 02:55 peachhflesh help please!! my dad got a new apple watch but he doesn't have an apple phone so he set it up using my phone. now his apple watch is able to view my messages, which I am not okay with. It was also getting all of my notifications but I have managed to turn that off. I thought I set it up "for family"

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2022.01.25 02:55 BCovid Man Can't Get Heart Transplant Because He's Not Vaccinated Against COVID

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2022.01.25 02:55 ConcentrateOk1948 Manga ((spoiler)) inosuke drawing 😊 love the turn out really made me happy 😅

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2022.01.25 02:55 RollDamnJays I’m a real person & I’m looking for tix to the Denver show

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2022.01.25 02:55 RotundLemon What is something you love about your significant other?

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2022.01.25 02:55 Brazilifia DappRadar Releases Second Edition of Exclusive NFT Collectibles Report

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2022.01.25 02:55 RhysandAss “Dust Jackets”

I follow a lot of book pages and people always are like oh where can I find this book jacket ya bla, and I’m here like oh I throw those out because they disturb my reading… Does anyone else have things they just discard that others are actively searching for??
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2022.01.25 02:55 NewfoundOrigin What You Need To Know About Ich. (Beginners Please Read)

Ich is a microscopic parasite that has about a week and a half long lifecycle when kept in 78/80 degree F water. (Lifespans can last longer in colder water).
It is found in most fish farms but populations are usually kept under control. When fish are removed from their holding tanks at the farm and bagged 50 to 100 at a time to be shipped overnight by plane to the store - the fish can become stressed, the water temperature can cool, and the ich can have a chance to break out and become more active.
Because of this - it's best to assume most of the store tanks you're buying fish from HAVE ich present in them. Just because you're not seeing their first stage present on the fish - doesn't mean there isn't ich in the tank trying to infect those new arrivals (especially - if they're a new arrival...).
Many aquarium stores know the risk of ich - and some will actually dose their 'non - invert' keeping systems with copper as a preemptive measure on treating the illness. Though, this doesn't help you if their copper dosages have precipitated over time and you don't use a quarantine tank to screen new arrivals. Ich can also gain resistances to medications if they've been exposed to the medication at a tolerable dosage for a long enough period of time.
Ich has 3 mains stages of life.
Their LAST stage - is their infectious theront stage - where they're microscopic and swimming in the middle of the water column looking for host fish to infect. (***Important)
Their middle stage is just before that - after they break out of the spots you see on your fish, they fall down to the bottom of the water for a few days to reproduce and develop - these are ich tomonts. (***these are the most vulnerable stage)
Their first stage - the stage we're all most familiar with, is their feeding trophont stage - where they're encrusted into our fish's skin layer and feeding off of them - physically described as 'white spots'. (**the confusing stage)
Many get confused and assume the 'white spots' they see are the ich parasites themselves. So when these white spots disappear, the fish keeper thinks they've won the battle and they get lax in their treatments. In reality - when the white spots start going away, That's when the fish keeper will need to treat more diligently (whether with meds or salts and water changes) to keep the infection at bay and from reinfecting the fish again and at an exponential rate.
This is because....
The white spots are not the 'ich' individually themselves - the 'white spots' you see on your fish are shelled over cysts. Encrusted parasites that are feeding off of your fish's skin layer in an 'egg' type form. When these spots 'go away' the 'eggs hatch' and release an exponentially greater amount of non-infectious ick 'babies' that go towards the bottom to develop for 2 or 3 days.
After this couple day mark - you'll start to see a few more white spots here and there - and then BAM - infection round #2 if you weren't able to catch the first infection between stages 2 and 3.
Treating Ich with Heat and Salt
The Salt Will Help your Fish By:
1.) by putting more electrolytes into the water - therefore increasing their rate of osmoregulation (bringing oxygen to their blood at a faster rate - helping them fight off infection and heal their slime coat faster).
2.) Prompting fish to grow a thicker slime coat - making it more difficult for the ich parasite to burrow in the first place.
**fun fact: Malachite green is a type of salt. You'll often see this ingredient in ich medications that do not utilize copper as their main ingredient.
Heat Is Used For:
As mentioned previously - Ich has a ~7 - 12 day life cycle between 78 and 80F. If we crank the heat on them up to 86F, their lifecycle speeds up (anywhere in a range up to 86F). This forces the parasite to undergo metamorphose faster - thus taking the ick from it's feeding (white spot) stage into it's developing (vulnerable) stage faster - so that there is 1.) less time that the ich is attached to fish, causing physical damage. and 2.) more time spent in the vulnerable stage/ allowing for a more predictable vulnerable stage.
When all else fails - in a tank that does not also house inverts (shrimp and snails) - dose with copper sulfate. Copper is a stronger medication and some (scaleless - mormyrids, loaches, catfish) fish are sensitive to the medication still - however it's generally a very effective form of external parasite treatment.
Cupramine, Copperpower, Coppersafe, and even 'Snail Zap' are all products that contain copper sulfate in them.
Writing this because ich is one of the most common fish diseases and I see many questions about it on this sub. It's not nearly a 'major' infection (speaking with freshwater fish specifically) as some other ailments can be - but it can continue to develop exponentially if the proper procedures aren't understood and carried out. I hope this gave some clarification and helped some others on learning about ich and it's treatment.
*Tanks for reading and as always, please add or correct any information as needed.
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2022.01.25 02:55 FunAdministration530 Emprego depois de formado existe?

Resumindo minha situação:
Acabei de me formar em Direito.
Quero sair da minha cidade/estado.
Posso ir para qualquer lugar do Brasil em que eu arrume um emprego, agora a questão é, nos dias de hoje isso é possível?
Eu estava pensando em trabalhar como auxiliar jurídico até passar de fato na OAB e aí sim ir pra advocacia
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2022.01.25 02:55 Pouday Trading kcr r63 cursed aero and d4she lt LF spso or sptw action figure

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2022.01.25 02:55 Chocow8s Nicker Poster Colour and Nicker Designers Colour?

Can't seem to find much English info on this, hoping I could get some answers here. What's the difference between Nicker Poster Colour paints and Nicker Designers Colour paints? The products site doesn't really spell out the difference between the two.
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2022.01.25 02:55 ArcadiaXLO Regarding an MRI machine.

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2022.01.25 02:55 Sephoyy Kindle Fire 8 - Cant access external Hard Drive? Fix??

Every time I attach an external hard drive -> using a, usb C - OTG, It works and hard drive is powered. However when I attach it to my Kindle fire HD 8 using the same method it doesn't work either I have to "format" my external hard drive or idk.
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2022.01.25 02:55 Snoo_16815 GET 30$ WHEN YOU JOIN RAKUTEN CASHBACK

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2022.01.25 02:55 HMxSweetPea What word comes to mind first?~

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2022.01.25 02:55 taking_achance this guy sent me a random aussie trade for a 7$ taunt or 30$ hat i think im getting scammed

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2022.01.25 02:55 Substantial-Nerve-11 این گیف از طرف ALI_AK برای آریا کیوکسر عزیز. آریا بدون xآرمی حدود یک میلیون هست و این یوتیوب نامرد نشان نمیدهد

این گیف از طرف ALI_AK برای آریا کیوکسر عزیز. آریا بدون xآرمی حدود یک میلیون هست و این یوتیوب نامرد نشان نمیدهد submitted by Substantial-Nerve-11 to keoXer [link] [comments]